AsianDate - What Women When You're Coming On Too Strong

AsianDate: What Women Do When You’re Coming On Too Strong

One of the worst things you can do whenever you meet women is to come on too strong. Honestly, a lot of men do this without even knowing it. It’s a problem since it could be the reason why most men can’t get dates, whether online or offline. How do you even know that you’re coming on too strong? AsianDate has a list of signs for you.

AsianDate: Women’s Behaviors Telling You You’re Doing Too Much

Usually, women behave in a very specific way if you’re coming on too strong or if you’re doing too much. Here’s a list that you can refer to for your future offline or online dates:


Ghosting is when someone you’ve met online has disappeared all of a sudden without any word. Of course, the lady won’t have to waste her time. She will just drop you like a hot potato and will think nothing of it.

Telling You Upfront

The most obvious sign is when someone tells you upfront that you are doing too much. If your online date, for example, politely tells you that she is not interested, you might be coming off as obnoxious or too excited.

Delayed Responses

How many excuses have you received from a lady online? It’s realistic if the person you met gives you one or two excuses for replying late. If the person always makes excuses, then you really have to wonder what’s going on. She might not be interested, or you might have done something to push her away.

Always Cancelling On Plans

This is similar to getting delayed responses. A woman who feels that you’re doing too much might just make plans and then cancel every time. If it’s the third time that she’s canceled, you have to consider changing your behavior. You have to pull back a little.

Your intensity might not be a problem for you, but it’s a problem for your love life. Try to relax, be more mellow, and just be yourself without coming off cocky, obnoxious, or too eager. For more AsianDate tips on how you can improve your dating life, read other posts on our blog.