AsianDate Com | How To Get A Date With Your Story-Telling Skills

AsianDate Com: Get A Date With Your Story-Telling Skills

If you would like to find a girl who will stay with you through thick and thin, AsianDate Com suggests that you improve your story-telling skills. It sounds far-fetched, isn’t it? We’ve all had the experience of our parents telling us bedtime stories, but who would’ve thought that this simple skill can attract a girl for a serious relationship?

The Study Shows Your Story-Telling Skills Will Attract Women

A study was published last March 2016 in the Personal Relationships Journal by the  International Association for Relationship Research.

There were three studies made to test out the effects of good story-telling on a person’s attraction meter. In Study 1, information about a potential partner’s story-telling skills was provided. In Study 2, participants read a story that was written by a potential partner. The journal did not specify how Study 3three was done, but here are the results of all of these studies in summary:

  • Women’s attractiveness to men who are good story-tellers increases.
  • Men’s ratings of women who are good story-tellers were no different from those lacking that skill.
  • Perceived status might be the cause of increased attractiveness towards male participants.

AsianDate Com: Where To Apply Your Story-Telling Skills

Now that you know what the results of the study are, where could you use your story-telling skills to get yourself a date? AsianDate Com has a few suggestions:

1. Your Dating Profile

Your dating profile’s going to be the first thing that a lady sees. If you apply your story-telling skills to your profile by whipping up an interesting “About Me,” it can easily catch a girl’s attention online.

2. Chat Or Email Messages To Ladies

You can also apply your story-telling ability to how you compose your chat or email messages. Sending these out is almost like talking to a lady in person so the more story-telling you do, the more interested she will be to read whatever you write down.

3. Voice Call To Ladies

Here’s where your story-telling abilities are put to the ultimate test. Composing a chat or email message is one thing. When it comes to actually telling a story with your voice, it can be an entirely different experience. If you pull it off, you’re golden.

Do you think you’ve got what it takes to attract a girl with your story-telling skills? Don’t be discouraged if you’re not confident in speaking yet. There’s always practice! For more interesting dating tips, check out more posts on our blog.