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Asian Women and Commitment, What You Need To Know

Asian women and commitment – this is something that you need to study carefully before going into a serious relationship. There are things that you need to know and, at the same time, there are things that you might already know but need to be reminded of because these will greatly affect your future relationship as husband and wife.

Important Facts About Asian Women And Commitment

#1: Family – They’ll always be around

Asian women and commitment almost always comes with a bonus package – your Asian woman’s family. Like it or not, they will always be around. Commonly, in Asia, even if the daughter already has a family of her own, she’s still going to be taken care of by her family, specifically her mother. There are Asian women who aren’t that close with their families but this is something rare in Asia.

#2: Culture and Traditions – They’ll also be around

Marrying an Asian woman or going into a committed relationship with her means that you are flexible for change, culturally. It won’t matter if the both of you live together in the United States or anywhere else in the world, you’ll definitely have to adjust to a few changes like leaving your shoes by the door before entering the house. Your meals will never be the same as well.

#3: Finances – It could go either way

We have to admit that there are Asian women who feel like they need to be treated as princesses. They have the attitude of asking you for material things or trips or cash often. They usually show hints when in a relationship but it gets worse after you tie the knot. You don’t want to marry or be in a relationship with this one. Who you need to be in a relationship with are traditional Asian women (who are the majority) who know how to save a penny. They might take it to an extreme but it’s way better than always splurging.

#4: Asian Community – They usually have this support system

Let’s say that you’ve already migrated to your own country and you’ve stayed there for some years. It’s no doubt that, by that time, you Asian wife will have been part of an Asian community (Filipino community, Chinese community, Indian community, Thai community and etc). This is sort of their support system and it’s a way for them to be reminded of home.

Get ready to be part of this community. Attend events, cookouts, block parties and etc with your Asian wife’s community.

#5: Parenting – She might have higher standards as a parent

Now we’re talking about the serious stuff. Getting married and having kids. When this happens, please remember that your Asian wife will have higher standards when it comes to your children. This will show in her aspiration for your children, in her upbringing and in her disciplining.

Just in your perspective, have you ever seen Asian kids with F’s in school before? Maybe a few but most Asian kids get straight A’s and become doctors (lawyers or the like) all thanks to their Asian parents.

Now you may proceed…

Those were just 5 things but there’s a whole lot more changes to experience when marrying or going into a serious relationship with an Asian woman. This is what Asian woman and commitment results to. If you really love her then you’ll be ready to go passed all these things and go ahead with the relationship anyway. Who knows, it could be a new adventure for you.