Asian Ladies Ready To Celebrate New Years Eve With You

Asian Ladies Ready To Celebrate New Year’s Eve With You

A big change in our life can come in the form of a new love. That is what these Asian ladies are longing for during New Year. Each one of them would like to meet a gentleman who can treat them right, who is ready for a serious relationship, and who can make their 2017 a better year with lots of wonderful memories. If you’re also looking for a date this New Year, you should meet these stunning Asian ladies:


Asian Date | Asian Ladies Looking For New Year Dates - Dilinaer
Dilinaer’s name is very unique. Ask her what her name means.

Dilinaer is a young business owner from China. She’s 24 years old, and she has a go-getter attitude. She’s successful at everything she puts her mind to, which is why she was confident enough to start her own business. Because her business is doing great, she plans to let go of the reins a little so she can focus more on finding the love of her life.


Asian Date | Asian Ladies Looking For New Year Dates - Haiyan
You should ask Haiyan why her friends call her Greenle.

Haiyan is a pretty Chinese lady from Hefei. But, she’s more than a pretty face. She likes to jog every day, and she loves to  go on movie and book marathons on her spare time. In fact, she doesn’t get out of the house that much because she enjoys watching a lot of movies and readong plenty of books. She does hang out with her friends, but most think that her hobbies are boring. Haiyan wants to meet a guy she can share her interests with, so if you’re into books and movies, you should send this Asian lady a message.


Asian Date | Asian Ladies Looking For New Year Dates - Linwen
Will you be confident enough to ask Linwen out?

Linwen did not have much luck with the guys she’s met this year. She says that they were uninteresting and that they only wanted to be with her because of her beauty. Next year, Linwen vows to change her luck by meeting men who are down to earth and can make her laugh. She wants to meet someone who will take the time to get to know her and see past her outer appearance.


Asian Date | Asian Ladies Looking For New Year Dates - Shuang
Shuang is your lucky lady in red.

Shuan is one of the Asian ladies on this list that exude confidence. That’s the reason why she was selected. Despite her confidence and fun exterior, she’s a down-to-earth and humble person on the inside. She goes crazy about collecting all kinds of items – from pictures to antique jewellery. She also loves to draw, sing and dance. Isn’t Shuang talented?


Asian Date | Asian Ladies Looking For New Year Dates - XUEYAN
Can you handle XueYan’s unique personality and taste in music?

Xueyan is another business owner from Daqing, China. She has a bit of a different taste compared to the other Asia ladies because she likes classical music and jazz. She also likes gardening, cuddling and star gazing. Xueyan wants to meet someone who can accept her unique personality, someone who can be loyal to her, and someone she give all of her love to.

Do you agree that all of these Asian women are stunning? It’s too bad that some of them got their heart broken. You cannot fix that, but maybe you can help each one of them realise that there are sincere and honest gentlemen out there, like you. You can read more about the Asian ladies by clicking on their names. Check out more Asian ladies lists on our blog.