Asian Ladies Craving For Some Island Fun

Asian Ladies Craving For Some Island Fun

Do you know what’s so great about dating an Asian woman? One is that you get to visit the country that she was born in. If she lives on an island, that’s even better. You’ll experience what it’s like to be a local having some island fun under the sun. Or, you can date someone who is a beach bum.

What’s Your Idea Of Island Fun?

When you have grown up on an island, you are more keen on doing a lot of outdoor activities like swimming, or surfing if the waves are big enough. But, don’t just take our word for it. Ask these ladies what they would want to do when they are in an island paradise:


ShunQun41 - Asian Date Lady

Shunqun is someone who is used to living a life of good quality. She has always had her own ducks aligned which is why she lives this kind of lifestyle. Don’t worry. She is not a snob. In fact, she would rather escape to an island and just live a simple life there with the person she loves. She hasn’t met this person yet though.


JingRen43 - Asian Date Lady

Jingren says that she often goes to the beach with her friends and family. She has a spot that she goes to where the beach is near to a golf park. Yes, she loves to play golf too. If you’re into this sport, then you will get along just fine with Jingren.


Hua37 - Asian Date Lady

You are going to love Hua when you have the wanderlust. She loves to jump from one country to the next whenever she has time off from work. According to her, she has already been to 16 countries – most of which have the most beautiful islands that she has ever seen. Would you like to join her on her next trip to have some island fun?


Ellen21 - Asian Date Lady

Ellen was very honest in her dating profile. She said that she doesn’t want someone who is young. She prefers a man who is more mature because she is fed up with younger gentlemen not having their life together and playing games. Her idea of an island fun is simple – she just wants to be with the person she loves doing anything.


Liping40 - Asian Date Lady

Liping is someone who firmly believes that you should never waste time. If you know who you want or are interesting in, you have to go for it. There’s no point in waiting she says, especially when it comes to love. Whenever she’s home, she makes sure that she goes to the beach at least once a week. And, this would be the perfect date scenario for her.

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