few things are as attractive as endless legs

Asian Girls With The Most Amazing Long Legs

Asian women may have a reputation for being petite, but there are some among them that are actually tall and impressive. They like to draw attention to their long legs by wearing really short dresses and skirts – can you blame them?

Find Out More About These Asian Beauties With Impressively Long Legs

If you are the type of guy who appreciates a woman with really long legs, today’s list is just for you. Let’s find out more about these gorgeous long-limbed ladies.


Playful Amanda is a dancer with an amazing temperament.
Playful Amanda is a dancer who treats others the way she wants to be treated.

We are starting today’s list with radiant dancer Amanda. She describes herself as “passionate, enthusiastic, humorous, generous and honest”. She likes to cook and do a lot of outdoor activities and would like her husband to be foreign. She even has her passport ready. If you are fun, genuine, communicative, passionate and playful, you are in with a chance to win her heart.


Impressive Na loves extreme sports and is looking for a man who will share adventures with her.
Adventurous Na promises to treat her man like a king.

Next on our list is Chinese banker, Na. Na describes herself as a “passionate kisser” and says she is not interested in material things. She is an adventurer who loves extreme sports and wants to visit a virgin forest in Africa one day. The beautiful brunette is looking for a man who will be loyal to her and, in exchange, she promises to always make him feel like a king.


Cute Chun Qian is a cheerful person who is looking for a responsible and mature man with a sense of humor.
21-year-old Chun Qian says she is warm hearted, naughty, and aiming to make you happy.

Right in the middle of today’s list is 21-year-old sales rep Chun Qian. Chun Qian is independent and earns a good salary that allows her to enjoy life. She is popular among her friends and describes herself as “naughty”. If you are a responsible, mature and not afraid to express your thoughts, you are her type of man. The Chinese beauty also appreciates a good sense of humor.


 Wanwan, with impressively long legs, says she is good at understanding people and wants to find true love.
23-year-old beauty Wanwan is looking for a partner whose heart will be as kind as hers.

Impressive Wanwan is the fourth long-legged lady in today’s list. The 172cm tall lady with a psychiatrist/psychologist degree says she has a deep understanding of the human soul and is looking for someone who can understand her. The beauty from Shanghai currently invests in real estate and is interested in a man with a heart like hers. She doesn’t care about getting married, Wanwan is looking for someone with whom she will form a solid and deep relationship.


Chinese university graduate Danyu is looking for a caring and loving partner.
Business owner Danyu promises to never neglect her appearance for her man.

Wrapping up today’s list is gorgeous 23-year-old Danyu. The Chinese university graduate is a business owner. She enjoys climbing and traveling, as well as reading and relaxing at home. Danyu describes herself as “well-educated, energetic and frank”, and says that her dream man has to be tolerant, intelligent, honest, friendly and loving.

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