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How to Break the Language Barrier With Your Online Date

So you’ve just met the Asian woman of your dreams but the problem is her English is very limited. What do you do next? You should know that not all women in Asia have the chance to practice their English on a daily basis so you might need to improvise and really pay attention when you’re chatting with her. These suggestions for what you could do to break that language barrier should help you succeed in your online relationships.

Don’t Worry About Language Barrier, Here’s What You Can Do

Use an online translating tool

Thank you internet! Finding information on the web has never been easier. You can go for any translation tool available to you, but the easiest one would have to be Google Translate.

While you’re chatting with your lovely Asian lady, go to Google translate and copy-paste your sentences in English in one box and then set the other box to your desired language. Once done, you can click “enter” or “translate” and the text in the other box will be translated into your lady friend’s mother tongue. It’s cool, but it does have a catch. It’s not always accurate, so you really have to understand the context of what you are talking about.

Use an interpreter/translator

Chances are, the online dating website that you’re registered with may already have a translator. You can get a hold of them through the website and use their services to translate whatever it is that you need your special friend to read. It could be an email, a letter, a card, etc.

Hiring a translator may be on the pricey side so you really have to weigh your other options. Ask yourself if there’s really a need for a translator. A cheaper alternative would be to get your Asian friend from your neighborhood to do some translating for you. Either way, the Asian beauty that you’re talking to will appreciate the effort that you underwent just for her to understand your email, letter, or card.

Learn the language

In normal, everyday situations, we can’t really see the need of learning an entirely different language, but when you’re online dating, it might be good to start, even if it’s just through YouTube videos. Start with basic sentences and work your way up from there. You’ll be surprised at the benefits you’ll get when you’ve actually mastered a few basic sentences.

This is what we call “impress points”. You should know that Asian women are easily impressed when a foreigner speaks even just one or two sentences in their mother tongue.

Ready to Break that Language Barrier?

We hope you can use our advice to better communicate with the woman of your dreams. Even though it might not be as easy as you think, the good news is, even if you decide to not go with any of these options, you can still communicate with each other through gestures and body language which is the second most important type of language in the world.

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