Asian Date Review: Why "Be Confident" Is The Worst Dating Advice

Asian Date Review: This Is The Worst Dating Advice

When our friend or someone close to usĀ asks us for dating advice, we usually say, “Just be yourself and be confident. You will do fine.” This may sound harmless but this is actually the worst dating advice we can give. This Asian Date Review will tell you why, exactly.

Asian Date Review: Skip The “Be Confident” Advice And Try Something Else

When you tell someone to be confident, there’s actually no harm in doing so. However, the problem comes in the form of “how”. How does one become confident? How does a confident person act? Face it, if your friend or loved one is nervously asking you for dating tips, then it’s likely that he or she hasn’t tapped into being confident yet. So, it is highly doubtful that they know how to act in a confident way.

What you can do instead is try an approach that gets them ready. You can even apply this advice to yourself. Instead of “be confident,” say “be competent.” Yes, it sounds like a job skill – competence. But, this is exactly what you need to do to eventually have confidence.

For example, an incompetent doctor won’t be able to operate on a patient with confidence. An incompetent online dating guru won’t be able to deliver solid advice if he or she doesn’t have the skill and experience.

How To Be A Competent Dater

Basically, you need to practice months before you go out on an actual date. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Practice having conversations or small talk with random strangers. When you are lining up at a coffee shop, try exchanging small talk with the person in front of you.
  • Practice flirting. Of course, you need to know how to flirt so you can attract the opposite gender. Who are you going to practice on? Everyone. This will give you more control of your body when you are on an actual date.
  • Be date-ready. This means that you need to prepare what to wear, you need to get a haircut if needed, you plan out the restaurant, as well as plan out the rest of the night.

With a help of this Asian Date Review do you know now why “be confident” is simply not enough? Starting today, practice to be a competent dater. For more articles on dating and relationships, read our blog.