Asian Date: Phubbing Is Affecting Asia's Dating Scene

Asian Date: Phubbing Is Affecting Asia’s Dating Scene

Everyone who is active in online dating knows that we have had our fair share of negative dating trends in 2017. Asian Date has written numerous articles on these trends. Although the year is through and it seems that we have officially moved forward into a new era, we might have just forgotten one more dating trend. This time, it’s affecting the Asian dating scene, one way or another.

Asian Date: Everything You Need To Know About Phubbing

As you may have guessed, the negative dating trend that we are going to focus on is called “phubbing”. It’s a combination of words: phone and snubbing. Just from that, you may already have an idea of how this is happening. One person or both people in the relationship are always on their phones. As a result, the relationship is neglected and the bond between the couple becomes brittle.

Phubbing Common In The Youth

It’s no secret that millennials are more digitally inclined than any other generation. This could mean a better understanding of digital operations. While there are pros to this, one con could be the effect that it has on the younger generation’s romantic relationships.

A recent survey asked 785 young Asian participants (ages 15 to 35) a few questions about technology and relationships. The results showed that 58.2% of the participants mentioned phubbing and its negative effects on any relationship. 62.8% of the total were male and 54.5% are females.

Although the trend is currently happening in Asia, it’s likely that it might make its way to other countries. It’s not just Asian millennials who are addicted to their phones, you know.

What To Do When Your Date Is “Phubbing” You

In case you come across a person who is, flat out, phubbing you during a date, here’s what you can do:

  • Make sure that you’re not on your phone yourself.
  • Politely ask your date to put down their phone and have more of a conversation. If you can do this in a way that sounds like a light joke, then, go ahead.
  • Keep the conversation going.
  • If your date still reverts back to his or her phone, it’s time to call it a night.

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