No photograph is ever deleted with these photogenic girls.

Asian Beauties Close-Up: Camera Loves These Photogenic Girls

For most of us, looking at some of our photographs can be something of a torture. There are, however, certain people out there who couldn’t take a bad picture if they wanted to. These people are called “photogenic”. If you are still not sure what the word means, just take a look at our Top 5 of photogenic girls today, and you’ll get the picture immediately (pun intended).

Photogenic Girls You’ll Want To Look At From Up Close

Some of them are models and some of them could be. See if you can tell which ones are and which ones aren’t before you read about them. (Bet you can’t.)


The 24-year-old Thai sweetheart is intellectual and outgoing.
The 24-year-old international relations expert is looking for a man who’ll set a good example for their children.

First up on our list today is 24-year-old Thai Apitchaya. The sweet girl from Thailand says she is mature and experienced despite her age. Apitchaya likes both intellectual games, like chess, and outdoors activities. The international relations expert is also proud of her cooking skills. Her ideal kind of man is someone who will set a good example for his children, a person who is reliable and loving.


The Chinese beauty is not after money, but a good-hearted man.
The beautiful Chinese model is looking for a man who will have a rich inner world.

The second photogenic beauty on our list today is impressive Huihui from China. Huihui is a model and describes herself as “kind, vivid and sweet” and says she likes to help others.  The 22-year-old beauty has a number of hobbies, like traveling, reading, singing and dancing. Huihui would like to be a sweet wife to the kind of man who will not necessarily be wealthy (she is well-to-do herself) but will be generous with his feelings for her.


24-year-old model Shiyan makes sure she's never bored in her life.
Impressive Shiyan says she has a devil figure but the heart of an angel.

Right in the middle of today’s list, we find 24-year-old Shiyan. The gorgeous Chinese model pays attention to her appearance but is equally concerned about her inner world. This is why she isn’t just a woman who likes to take care of her looks and dress well, but also someone who likes to learn new things and improve. Her type of man is someone who’s responsible and loving.


Pretty Lingling is hardworking, easygoing and passionate.
Stunning Lingling is looking for a down-to-earth, loving, honest man.

In the fourth spot of our list of photogenic girls, we introduce you to Lingling. She is 26 years old; she works as a model and describes herself as “hardworking, romantic, easygoing, caring, passionate, fashionable, and honest”. Pretty Lingling loves yoga, bowling, swimming, and photography, among other things. It would be a good idea to take her out tO a candlelit dinner, as she loves these too. Her ideal man would be someone who’s down-to-earth, loving, responsible, and sincere.


22-year-old Jing is a mature and independent woman who's looking for a mature and loving man.
Beautiful Jing is an independent, confident and caring girl who’s looking for a mature and loving man.

In the last spot of our photogenic girls list, there is an amazing girl, both inside and out. Jing is a businesswoman from China, who may be only 22 years old, but she knows how to work hard to get what she wants. She is independent and ambitious, she likes to travel every year and also loves to help those in need, like children and the elderly, through charity. Jing is looking for a husband who will be loving and mature.

Well, sadly that’s all for today. Hope you enjoyed our list of photogenic girls. If you want to find out more about them, click on their profile name. If you’ve missed our previous Top 5 lists, you can find them here. For the chance to meet more Asian beauties, visit AsianDate today. You can also find us on Pinterest.