These Asian babes dare to go blonde, and it suits them.

Asian Babes Who Dare To Go Blonde

When you hear about an Asian woman, a blonde head of hair is probably the last thing that comes to mind. Well, you might decide that it’s time to break this stereotype when you see our Top 5 of blonde Asian babes today.

Unconventional Asian Babes That Look Great As Blondes

Without further ado, let’s meet the Asian girls whose fair hair suits their style and characteristics so perfectly it’s unbelievable.


Chinese teacher Qu is the first on today's list of blonde Asian babes.
29-year-old Qu loves being around people and is looking for a man who’ll put a smile on her face every day.

We’re kicking off today’s Top 5 list with a 29-year-old teacher from China. Qu is a very optimistic and sociable person, who loves to be around people. She likes doing all sorts of physical activities and she also loves to play the piano. Qu recently came into an inheritance and is looking to invest anywhere on the planet. If you have any investment ideas, or if you are an honest, passionate, good-hearted person with a good sense of humor, maybe you are the one Qu is looking for.


The second girl on today's list of Asian babes is 20-year-old business owner Qiuyu.
20-year-old Qiuyu believes in the power of laughter and wants to find a life partner who will be a true gentleman.

The second girl on our list today is sultry Quiyu. Quiyu is an educated business owner who loves to sing and dance. She is a very happy person and she believes that positive energy is a driving force for all aspects of life. In her free time Quiyu also likes hiking, camping, and meeting new people. The 20-year-old sweetheart’s ideal man should be a gentleman who’s interested in marriage and believes in true love.


The third girl in the list of blonde Asian babes is Chinese business owner Shunfan.
Shunfan, the beautiful 25-year-old from China, is mature and kind, and her kind of guy is someone who’ll take care of her.

We’re already halfway our list, where we find gorgeous Shunfan. The Chinese business owner is a mature girl, despite the fact she’s only 25. She’s also generous and good-tempered and loves to watch romantic films and listen to light pop music. Shunfan enjoys traveling all over the world and describes her ideal man as a mature, nice person, who will take care of her.


Fourth in our Asian babes with blonde hair is captivating Lei, a girl who's looking forward to spoiling her man.
Sweet Lei is a very interesting lady who can’t wait to spoil the man of her life.

In the fourth place on our list of blonde Asian babes we meet a girl with the most beautiful smile. Lei is a singer with a Master’s degree, who loves Art and having a good time. In her free time, when she isn’t cooking her favorite Tai or Chinese food, the 21-year-old girl enjoys visiting art exhibitions at home and abroad. Lei says that she will spoil her man, who only needs to be someone who can make her laugh and enjoy romantic things with her.


Last in the list of Asian babes with blonde hair is Xiaoya, a cool with various interests.
Xiaoya describes herself as “cool and open-minded” and wants her partner to be her best friend first and foremost.

In the last spot of this list, there’s cool Xiaoya, another girl with a Master’s degree. Xiaoya says that the fact she is so loyal, open-minded and playful is what makes her popular with friends. In her free time, she enjoys riding her horse or sailing on her yacht, and she also enjoys shooting or practicing golf in her golf course. The perfect man for Xiaoya is a guy who will be her best friend first, and then her partner.

Well, that’s the end of our Top 5 for today. Hope you enjoyed it. If you want to know more about the Asian babes featured on the list today, you can just click on their profile names. For the chance to see our previous Top 5s, click here. And if you’re looking for even more Asian girls to chat with, why not visit AsianDate today?