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You Never Want To Do These App Profile Mistakes

App dating is in these days. It’s, perhaps, one of the best methods to get a date within hours. Just log on to the dating app on your phone, then find people who are also online. You can meet instantly after just chatting for a few minutes if the person is also in the same city as you. Despite our love for using dating apps, we often make app profile mistakes that cost us a second look and a first date.

You Should Be Checking Your Page For Any Of The App Profile Mistakes Below

We all know that there are no university courses for dating. And, now that we have dating apps, we have a whole new set of dating rules to master. Here are some tips for avoiding app profile mistakes so that you can date like a pro:

1. Avoid posting shirtless photos.

For men, while you just want to flaunt your toned body that you have worked out for, avoid posting topless photos when everyone else has a shirt on. It makes you look like you’re trying too hard to impress.

2. We can’t see your eyes.

They say that the eyes are the windows to the soul. If all your pictures show you wearing a pair of dark sunglasses, people might think that you have an eye problem or you are hiding something. Plus, your emotions and intentions can’t be read clearly because of those glasses.

3. Don’t post photos together with another female/male.

A potential date won’t go out with a guy who posts a photo with another female or male. Who are you with, exactly? Unless there is full disclosure that the person is a family member, don’t post a photo with a person of the opposite gender.

4. Way too serious.

This tip is specifically for the men. Some men post photos where they are too serious and cold. Loosen up. Women would like to look at photos that make them feel good enough to want to go out with you. Openness and sincerity should be conveyed in the photos on your profile.

5. Avoid posting group photos.

You are looking for a date for yourself and not for your entire group. In a group photo, the seeker has to keep guessing who you are among the faces who appear there. And, the most awkward thing is when they get interested in your friend in the photo rather than you.

Remember, build yourself up in your profile because you are actually selling yourself, in a way. But, don’t overdo it either that you appear so arrogant. Avoid these app profile mistakes and post a bold, confident, and vibrant photo of you. For sure, you will get a match sooner than you think. For more app dating tips, make sure to check out the rest of the blog.