Answering These Questions Will Help You Start 2017 Right

Answering These Questions Will Help You Start 2017 Right

We should treat the beginning of the year as a chance to start fresh. That’s why most of us practice the tradition of writing New Year’s resolutions every year. This year shouldn’t be an exception. We need a guide to help us start 2017 right and then spend the rest of it with the right goals in mind.

5 Questions on Self-Reflection To Help Start 2017 Right

If you haven’t started with your New Year’s resolutions yet, it may just be because you don’t know where to start. Answering these questions will help:

1. What was the best part of your life last year?

What were the best moments in your life last year? You can list down your promotion, meeting a special someone through online dating, losing weight, making up with a family member or finally saving up enough money for a downpayment on a new car. Whatever they are, ensure that they were times when you were euphoric. They could be worth repeating this year.

2. What was the worst part of your life last year?

This may not be a positive road to travel on again, but you have to remember what it was that brought you sadness and difficulty last year. It’s highly likely that you may not have done anything to remove some of the things in your life that are causing you to feel sad and burdened. This year could be the year to cut off whatever it is that’s bringing you down. It could be your job, it could be your debt, it could be a toxic friendship.

3. What can you improve in your life now?

Because you know the good and the bad from last year, you’ll likely have a clearer picture of what needs to be improved this year. It could be your health; it could be your relationships with friends and family, and so on. Remember that you have to be objective and honest with yourself when you’re answering this question.

4. What do you need to stop?

Truthfully, most of us know what we need to stop to make our lives better. We just won’t admit it to ourselves. We have plenty of bad habits we need to get rid of. We should start doing that with them, one by one, this year. One example is smoking. Another would be, for instance, always being late to appointments.

5. What do you need to start?

This year, we should promise ourselves that we will do more of the things that make us happy. It could be spending time with the family, it could be travelling, or it could be something as simple as going on a movie marathon every weekend.

Answering these five questions will really help put things into perspective and help you start 2017 right. It’ll also be easier to write down your New Year’s resolutions when you’ve finally thought of the answers to the questions above.

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