American VS Filipino Dating Culture

What's the Filipino Dating Culture All About?The Filipino dating culture is actually pretty simple to decipher. Those that don’t have any idea as to how Filipinos date dive in heard first, starting from dating online. Actually, when compared with the Western way of dating, the process is simpler, and it’s less complicated. Here are a couple of comparisons and insights to give you an idea:

The Kind of “Game”

Most blogs would tell men to be an alpha when dating Western girls. As a result, men tend to over do it. As for the effectiveness of this method, well, it could go either way with Western girls because there are girls who like the boastful type of man and there are Western girls who get turned off by it. If you apply this to girls from the Philippines, it will not work. This is because the Filipino dating culture is more of being romantic rather than being pretentious. Well, at least Filipino girls who are sincere about finding a relationship will feel this way.


Going on Dates

Most of the time, a Filipina will only go on a date with you when:

  • You’re courting or wooing her. (Yes, there’s still a courtship phase)
  • You’re her boyfriend.

It’s not very common for a Filipina to go on, what Westerners consider, a date. There are some girls who go on casual dates, but you wont see it often. Again, this can be attributed to the seemingly conservative Filipino dating culture.


The Man is In-charge

First off, let’s just clear this up. Filipinas are NOT extremely submissive, but they like to submit to their boyfriends or husbands every now and then. Women from the Philippines like a man who can take charge, take the lead and be a charming gentleman. This means that the man pays for most things, the man makes the decisions most of the time and the man is the one who they can rely on when things get rocky or rough.

Compare this to Western girls who are very familiar with the concept of feminism. Not all Western girls are this way, but, most of the time, these girls have trouble submitting to the men in their lives.


For Long-Term


Did you know that most relationships that Filipinas get into are for long-term? Not all, of course, as there are exceptions, but Filipinas see to it that the relationship lasts longer. Does this mean that all Western girls aim for short-term relationships? Not at all. There are girls from the Wesy who seek serious relationships, but what we mean to say is that the Filipino dating culture is more inclined to being serious rather than just having fun.



As you can see, the Filipino dating culture is still more conservative. It’s not as liberated as that of the West, but (secretly) more Filipinas have been observed to adapt the Western style of dating. It’s more of a mix, in short, but the items on this list will most likely remain in the culture for a long time.