Dating hacks that will make your dating life much easier and better.

All The Dating Wisdom: The Dating Hacks That Will Transform You

Are you apprehensive about a date coming up? Have your dates been less than successful? Do you worry that you are doing something wrong when you take a lady out? Relax, we’ve got you covered. These dating hacks will help you improve your experience before, during, and after a date.

All The Dating Hacks You Need

There’s so much advice around these days that it is hard to choose which to actually take. Well, here are all the dating hacks you need, pure and simple.

Before The Date

First and foremost, arrange a date where you will both feel comfortable. Make sure it is to both your tastes and interests (don’t book dinner at a grill restaurant if she is a vegetarian, for example).

Don’t make a big deal out of the date in your head. Being excited about it may be expected, but think about your date as a regular outing, no big deal. Best case scenario: you will end up together. Worst case scenario: you will never see each other again after the date. Or you will make a new friend. There is no harm in any of the possible outcomes, so why worry?

Look your best and feel your best. Wear clothes that make you feel confident and boost your self-esteem by making positive thoughts about the things you like about yourself. When we feel good about ourselves and make positive thoughts we also tend to exude more charm positivity.

During The Date

Be yourself. There will be moments during the date when you’ll want to impress her, but the only sure-fire way not to make a fool of yourself in the long run is to be who you are. Avoid those sirens telling you to pretend you’re one of the inventors of Twitter (unless you are).

Make her the centre of your attention. Little secret: women love this. Ask her about herself (but careful not to pry) and really pay attention to her replies. Share your own stories, but don’t overshare right off the bat.

Wherever you are, make an excuse to go to the restroom and pay the bill without her noticing. It is the gentlemanly thing to do and it will keep the who-will-foot-the-bill awkwardness away.

After the Date

Give her time before you ask for another date, don’t push things. But don’t wait too long, or the momentum may be lost. Strike the right balance between being indifferent and desperate. Read the signs too. If she doesn’t seem keen, take the hint and move on.

That said, you should be honest about liking her. If you are interested in her, pay her a compliment and you can also text her when she gets home, telling her you had a great time. Rejection is part of the game, and you shouldn’t be afraid of it. Nothing ventured, nothing gained, after all.

Last but not least, be respectful of her and don’t forget to have fun. Both are very important elements of any date, and every happy relationship too.

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