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You Should Be Alarmed When Your Online Date Does These Romantic Gestures

When we are dating, we look out for romantic gestures from our partner because they make us feel good. The gestures also serve as an affirmation of our partner’s interest in us. That’s why it’s strange to say that we need to be alarmed when our online date shows us specific gestures of love.

We Need To Think Twice About These Romantic Gestures

You have to be cautious when your dating online. You may feel like you’ve finally found the most wonderful person, but it pays to be more patient so you can get to know the person you’ve met. In your current online date, see if he or she does any of these red flag romantic gestures:

Confessing The “L” Word Prematurely

Dating for a couple of weeks to even a few months would be too early to profess love. It will tell you that your date hastily makes decisions and bases things on emotions. They might not be very reliable in the long run because they can be quick with their commitments without thinking things through.

They Overshare On The First Date

The first date is naturally the getting-to-know-you stage. However, when your date becomes too chatty with his or her personal life, especially when it comes to exes, there might be something seriously wrong with them. At the very least, they lack self-restraint.

They Continuously Chat You Up

Hitting it off with someone can lead to oversharing during the first date. But, it doesn’t stop there. These kinds of people would keep on chatting you up nonstop. It’s like your conversations with each other are already permeating most of your waking hours. It’s totally unhealthy because this only shows that this person wants to hog all your time and attention—even the hours that are meant for work.

All Their Time Should Be With You

This might sound romantic at first but it actually isn’t. After some time, you will realize that their attention is smothering. Also, it might be an underlying insecurity that is pushing them to control you and your time. Eventually, as you go deeper into the relationship, you will no longer have the freedom to even talk with other people without your partner all enraged with jealousy.

These romantic gestures might seem nice at first, but these are actually symptoms of some personality and character flaws. Be wary of them. It’s best that you take your time to really get to know someone so you can see their true colors show up. For more online dating tips, make sure to read other posts from the blog.