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Take Advantage Of The Cheerleading Effect To Get More Matches

Thanks to experts who study online dating behaviors well, we have now realized many things about the way we date. One realization that’s really surprising is what the most effective profile photo is to get the most matches. Take advantage of the cheerleading effect.

Everything About The Cheerleading Effect

The cheerleading effect is a dating phenomenon. While we usually put a solo shot for our profile picture, whether styled or a selfie, others post casual photos surrounded by friends. The group photo is less styled, but it captures your moment with peers. Surprisingly, it makes you more attractive and sociable.

The Science Behind It

Plenty of dating experts do not advise you to post photos in a group because your potential match might get confused as to which person owns the dating profile. However, the phenomenon that is the cheerleading effect proves this wrong. Scientific evidence of the cheerleading effect was published in a paper in 2003. Across five studies, both males and females were rated as more attractive when presented as part of a group photo, as compared to a solo shot. And, this is regardless of gender. Attractiveness ratings were higher for individuals presented as a group.

Participants rated the attractiveness of the faces presented in a group and individually. Regardless of gender, attractiveness ratings were higher when people were presented in a group.

How To Achieve It

The effect does not work in big groups. There should only be a handful of people in the picture, like at most, four. The result of the studies is very reliable that many people have also experienced this themselves when they started using group photos for their profiles.

The Disadvantage

The cheerleading effect is real and it works. However, there’s also a disadvantage to this. In a group, you are not just presenting yourself but your friends or cousins or sisters as well. Sometimes, people are more drawn to the most attractive person in the photo, only to realize that it’s not you. There should be a disclosure in the caption telling people which one are you in the picture.

Of course, the cheerleading effect is all about matching and getting responses to dates. But as for a successful long-term relationship, it is still your character, priorities, and commitment that matter the most. Just for fun though, try posting group photos and see how it goes for you. For more dating tips, make sure to read the rest of the blog.