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Advanced English Speakers You Can Connect With Today

One of the most challenging aspects of dating outside of your culture is the language barrier. It’s not easy to connect or communicate with someone who does not speak the same language as you. It’s a challenge, but there are advanced English speakers you can meet as you date online.

Have In Depth Conversations With These Advanced English Speakers

There are cases where you will find matches online who speak English fluently. In Asian countries, like the Philippines and India, for example, about 80% of the population know how to speak English because it was the primary language in school. In China or Japan, there are also plenty of advanced English speakers you can get to know. Here are a few of them from Asian Date:


Ran21 - Asian Date Lady

Ran’s family has a mining company in several areas of Asia. Because of this, her parents were able to send her to a good school until she reached college. Right now, she’s learning the ropes of the business, but is very much interested in finding love overseas, hence online dating.


Alissa19 - Asian Date Lady

Alissa was very honest in saying that she prefers men who are more mature. She does not have time to play games or date around. According to her, more mature men know what they want, and she appreciates the fact that they can be honest with her all the time.


MeiXia22 - Asian Date Lady

Meixia can look intimidating. Her friends and family tell her that she actually has a face with sharp or striking features. However, if you get to know her, you’ll see that she’s very kind, funny, and smart. She’s approachable to so don’t hesitate to say hello.


Elle22 - Asian Date Lady

Elles’ story is an interesting one. She studied in California for two years. She was taking up her Master’s Degree. However, her father told her to come home immediately. This disrupted her studies and she wasn’t able to finish her thesis. She found out that her father had arrange a marriage for her. She did not go through with it, but you’d have to ask her for the rest of the story.


Candy33 - Asian Date Lady

Candy has always been a busy woman. Her business keeps her busy. Although she is working hard in growing her business, she needs everyone to understand that it is lonely when you only focus on one aspect of your life. She plans to slow down and focus on love for a change.

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