A romantic or a realist - both have pros and cons.

Are You A Romantic Or A Realist And How Does That Affect Your Love Life?

Surely, nothing in life is black and white and people are multi-faceted beings, made up of a number of different characteristics. However, there are two basic categories most of us tend to fall into, weighing the scales down either on one side or the other. One can either be more of a romantic or a realist – which one are you?

Find Out If You’re A Romantic Or A Realist

There is no right way or wrong way to be, both realists and romantics have important qualities that guide them in life, shape their beliefs, help them overcome problems and largely decide what kind of person they end up with. Here are the characteristics of both, so you can decide for yourself which describes you best.

The Main Traits Of A Romantic

A romantic has an ideal view of what a relationship should be. He is the kind of person who refuses to compromise and wants it all or nothing. For the romantic, a partner should have the brains of Einstein, the body of Emily Ratajkowski and the heart of an angel. Romantics tend to value surprises and spontaneity and get bored quite easily.

Even though they view love as the most important thing, they will be the ones to leave a relationship if they feel the romance is gone, and they get disappointed easily when things are not as ideal as they want them to be. This is why romantics can be high-maintenance and quite hard to predict. On the other hand, they are exciting partners and don’t hold back on their feelings, thus making a relationship with them intense and unforgettable.

The Basic Characteristics Of A Realist

Realists, on the other hand, understand that there is no such thing as a “perfect relationship” and know that some practical considerations are equally important as passion and romance for two people to be in a happy relationship. They largely accept their partners for who they are and prefer to adjust their life to their needs and abilities. A relationship with a realist will be a stable one, where what you see is what you get.

However, do not expect fireworks and surprises, as realists prefer to be more calculated than spontaneous. This is why they sometimes end up boring their partners or find themselves in lackluster relationships with a monotonous sex life and too much predictability.

Whatever your main trait, it is clear that both sides have their pros and cons. A good idea is to try to strike some kind of balance between the two, so you have an exciting love life that is, however, not abandoned in the hands of passion and spontaneity.