6 Reasons Why Google is Your Best Friend When Screening Scammers

Dating asWhen online dating, you should always be aware of red flags and scams. This may sound complicated because you’d have to keep track of every move you make and keep your eyes open at the same time. However, there’s one tool that can help you out and it was sitting right under your nose the whole time. The tool is Google and we’ve got 6 reasons why it’s your best friend when it comes to screening scammers:

Reason #1: You can Google a certain email address.

No matter what email address your contact may have, you can still Google it to get a whole lot of information. These days scam victims don’t hold back when sharing their experiences in forums or blogs. They divulge email addresses and the like to protect other people from getting scammed. All you have to do is ask for the email address of the lady you’re corresponding with and then key it in on Google search. If she doesn’t want to give you her email address, consider it a red flag.

Reason #2: Google picks up phrases and sentences.

Why is this helpful? Well, scammers are likely to send out generic letters they’ve made themselves or letters they’ve gotten off of the internet. What you can do to see if you’ve been sent a generic letter is to Google a couple of words or phrases into Google with open and close quotation marks. Here’s an example: “My fondness of you grows each day.” The quotation marks are important because they let Google know that your looking for a phrase or a sentence that’s exact. If you were to forget the quotation marks for the phrase or sentence, Google could end up giving your results for only one or two words instead of the exact entire sentence or phrase.

Reason #3: Using Google images.

Have you ever used this feature of Google before? If you haven’t, it’s time for you to learn because this will play a paramount role in identifying the woman you’re corresponding with through images. In the process of screening scammers, you also have to check whether they are who they say they are and you can do that using Google images. Head over to: image.google.com. If you have a picture of your girl, drag it on the page of Google image and watch it do its magic. If the picture result showed another person, you better head for the hills, my friend.

Reason #4: Names are important.

Did you know that Google also displays social media accounts? You probably knew that already but anyway, yes it does and it’s great that it does because you can do a little bit of snooping just by keying in the name of the lady your chatting with.

Reason #5: User names are more important.

We have the internet to thank for this: did you know that there are actually websites dedicated to foil the plans of online scammers? These data bases include usernames which contain certain user names scammers use. We don’t know why but, more often than not, scammers use the same user name over and over again. It’s a great way of screening scammers and it’s as easy as inputting the user name on Google search.

Reason #6: Use Google whenever you’re skeptical.

If you feel like you’re being deceived in any way, Google is always available for you to do a bit of detective work on your own. Just don’t forget (“”) the quotation marks when you want to search for something specific. This can also be applied to user names as well as proper names.