6 Reasons Why Asian Women Prefer Asian Men

why asian womenDon’t have a lot of luck with Asian women? Well maybe it’s because your competition, the Asian man, has the upper hand. If you really want to success in the Asian dating frontier, you need to know what or who you’re up against so you know what your next move is. With that said, we thought that you might find the following information very useful:

Why Asian Women Prefer Asian Men Reason #1

They know that Asian dating rules are the opposite of foreign dating rules. For example, when dating in the West, a 3-day wait needs to happen before a call or a text can be sent. This concept is very strange to an Asian woman. What the Asian man does is the opposite. If he likes someone, he calls and texts right away – sometimes, even everyday. Asian men don’t wait and count the days like foreign men do because they know that one way of showing interest is to blow her phone up with calls and messages.

Why Asian Women Prefer Asian Men Reason #2

Asian men also value family. When an Asian woman says that she is busy with family stuff, the Asian man doesn’t think anything of it because he knows that family comes first. He also knows how to conduct himself when he is invited to family gatherings.

Why Asian Women Prefer Asian Men Reason #3

Asian men fight for the bill. In the Asian dating culture, it’s a must for you to pay for all things when on dates. This is essential because a man has to show that he is a gentleman in this way. It’s like an unwritten rule in the Asian dating culture.

Why Asian Women Prefer Asian Men Reason #4

Asian women sometimes prefer Asian men because they are career driven. We don’t know if you’ve noticed but Asians really take their work seriously. Climbing up the career ladder is a priority to most so they can provide a better future for their family. Asian men do it for the perks and the power. Asian women dig successful corporate guys who are also not intimidated by a successful corporate woman.

Why Asian Women Prefer Asian Men Reason #5

Don’t buy into the notion that Asian men are not romantic. Truth is, there are some that seem emotionless but one thing is for sure: they know what to do during special days like anniversaries and valentines days. You should also know these things because Asian girls go crazy over special days (especially anniversaries). Asian men also know exactly what their dates want as presents.

Why Asian Women Prefer Asian Men Reason #6

Last but not the least, Asian men speak the language. Yes, it’s very obvious but there are Asian women who don’t speak English fluently. Because of this, some are reluctant to meet men outside of their culture. If you know how to speak the language (at least the basics), you’ll have better chances of talking to an Asian woman and snagging one as a date.

There you have it! A list of 6 things Asian men do to get the attention of Asian women. Now what should you do about it? It’s up to you actually but we highly recommend studying the Asian dating culture to get the upper hand.