6 Gorgeous & Famous Asian Ladies in Hollywood

We are going to do a fun list of 6 gorgeous and famous Asian ladies in Hollywood to show that Asians can be a trifecta (beauty, brains and talent). You may recognize of these faces and some might even be on one of your favorite movies:

Famous Asian Ladies1. Maggie Q

Maggi Q was originally an Asian model and actress. She established herself in Hollywood taking part in films like Rush Hour 2, Mission Impossible 3, Balls of Fury, Priest and more. She’s also known for her role in the TV series “Nikita”. She’s mostly starred in action films since. Her father is Polish-Irish while her mother is Vietnamese-born.

2. Zhang ZiyiFamous Asian Ladies

Here’s another familiar face among this list of famous Asian ladies. Zhang Ziyi is originally an Asian actress but she has made her way into the Hollywood screen through her movies: “Rush Hour 2” and the most popular movie hit “Memoirs of a Geish” were she gave an unforgettable performance.

3. Lucy Liu

Who doesn’t know Lucy Liu? She may be a New York native but her parents originally came from Shanghai. Her mother a biochemist and her father a civil engineer (talk about having smart parents). She’s been seen in movie series’ like Charlie’s Angels and Kill Bill. She’s also done voice over projects, modelling, film producing and directing, among other things. All that’s left now is for her to do brain surgery! Now that’s beauty and talent wrapped in a bundle.

Famous Asian Ladies

4. Mindy Kaling

The next beauty from our famous Asian ladies list is Mindy Kaling. She proves that Asian girls can be funny. She’s a comedian, actress, writer and producer, appearing in several films like No Strings Attached and TV sitcom, The Mindy Project. This Asian lady was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Her Tamil father, an architect and her Bengali mother, a gynecologist.

Famous Asian Ladies

5Famous Asian Ladies. Kelly Hu

Ms. Kelly Hu was actually born in Hawaii but has been involved in several projects in Hollywood like Hawaii Five-O and CSI: Crime Scene Investigation. She was a former fashion model as well as former Miss USA 1985 and Miss Hawaii 1993. Other mention-worthy achievements include her appearance in the cover of Maxim (she was the first Asian-American to appear in the cover).

6. Grace ParkFamous Asian Ladies

Last, but certainly not the least, is Grace Park who we all know from several hit TV series. This beauty is of Korean heritage but she was born in Los Angeles, California. Her family later migrated to Canada when she was 22 months old. Now, she holds dual citizenship of Canadian and American.

More Gorgeous Asian Ladies?

We can stop here for now but there are a lot more famous Asian ladies that we haven’t included in our list yet. We’ll try to make the list bigger! So, was your favorite Asian actress in Hollywood included? Who would you like to see on our next list? And, do you, now, believe that Asian ladies can be a trifecta?

See for yourself. You’ll find out soon enough when you’re meeting a lot of Asian women online. Check back in soon!