6 Differences Between the Asian Love Culture and American Love Culture

Ever wonder what the differences are between the Asian love culture and the American love culture?

Asian Love CultureYou may be thinking that love is a universal language and it basically is. However, different people interpret it in their own unique way and that’s why love and dating is not the same for everyone everywhere. A woman living in the West would have a different view of how dating goes compared to a woman in Asia, for example. And, this, gentlemen, is the exact topic that we are going to examine.

1. Game vs No game.

We’ve seen it in movies, we’ve heard it from our friends and maybe we’ve experience it ourselves, women from the West, most of the time, play a sort of game when they’re dating guys. It’s not as straight forward as in Asia – meet, date, celebrate anniversaries, maybe get married and then live together. Simple. No games.

2. Random dating vs Dating in your circle.

If a man from the West comes up to a woman and then asks her out on a date, it’s not impossible to get a “yes”. Situations like this don’t occur often in Asia. In order for an Asian man to get a date, they would have to ask their friends, colleagues or family members to set them up with someone. This is the Asian love culture.

3. Differences in definition.

Let’s take a look at how terms are understood in these different places:

  • Dating – In the West means spending time with each other to see if there’s a potential for a relationship. Even if you go on a couple of dates, it won’t be an assurance that your already “together”. In the Asian love culture, if you’ve been together on more than 5 dates then you’re definitely an item.
  • Relationship – In the West means mutual decision of both parties to be a couple. In Asia, it’s automatic or implied if you keep seeing each other.

4. Family based decision vs Personal decision

This differs of course in different cases but generally speaking, Western women are more inclined to make a decision of their own. Asian women, on the other hand, sometimes needs to consult with her parents especially when it comes to marriage.

5. Career or family?

You will find very little women who sacrifice career for family in the United States. It’s a no brainer in Asia. That’s why most Asian companies don’t promote married women to higher positions that require a lot of time and effort. It’s true.

6. Work factor.

We said in #5 that women in Asia drop their careers for their families. Well it’s not really the case while a couple is still on the dating stage. Work comes first most of the time in an Asian relationship and neither party can complain if one skips a dinner date because of over time work. This generally happens in the Asian love culture but not all the time, of course.

In the West, it’s also similar but the difference is a how a Western woman might feel. Asian women fully understand the Asian work ethic and there are no hard feelings there. Otherwise can be said with Western women.

How can this help?

If you’re going to date an Asian woman, you must know and understand the Asian love culture. She’s going to expect you to know it. Finished reading the article? Come back soon for more Asian dating tips!