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5 Ways Your Asian Girl is Different from Other Girls

It’s time for a fun and light topic for today’s post. Have you ever wondered how your Asian girl is different from all the other girls out there? If you haven’t noticed, maybe you could spot these 5 things in her personality and in how she is in your relationship,

Differences You’ll Notice With Your Asian Girl

Not the Usual Emoticons

Everybody loves using emoticons nowadays. Your Asian girl probably loves using them too but she uses different ones like: ^^ for a smiley face or ;P for a playful emoticon and so on. This is because different parts of Asia have different emoticons. ^^ is more popular in Korea while ;P is more towards the Philippines. Asian smartphones also have built in emoticons that differ from the usual emoticons one can find in his or her iPhone. What’s similar with Asian emoticons is that they’re more cute and adorable compared to being funny or regular.

Anniversary, Month-sary, Week-sary

To your Asian girl, forgetting an anniversary, month-sary or week-sary is not an option. She wants to be a good girlfriend so dates are very important to her. This may not be very common in the Western dating culture but dating milestones or relationship milestones such as your 100th day together or your 6th month together in the Asian dating culture are important. Other than your Asian girlfriend remembering the milestones in your relationship, you should too! Get her a small gift while you’re at it.

The Asian Romance and Drama

Don’t get too alarmed when you find out that your Asian girl can be too over-dramatic at times. This is because she’s probably seen too many of her favorite Asian dramas. Have you ever seen a Korean, Chinese or Japanese drama before? It’ll melt your heart and make you want to marry the leading man 5 times. Seriously! Take your cue from the leading man if you can because your Asian girl probably wants you to do something romantic.


Your Asian girl may sometimes seem very coy. This is because in the Asian dating culture, a girl’s greatest asset is her coyness. You will find this true in the dating cultures of Korea, Japan and China. Coyness is when a female acts modest and shy in order to be more alluring to a male. Your Asian girl is basically acting cute so she can get what she wants (this is not meant in a negative way). For example, if you have a Korean girlfriend, she would say something like: “Oppa, can we east at this restaurant?” in a very cute way to get you to give. You’d have to admit that Asian girls are cute when they do this. This may be your weakness too!

So that’s it for our short list of how your Asian girl is different from other girls out there. Maybe you can share this with your Asian girl to see how she reacts to it. Remember, this is just a fun post and it is not meant to generalize all Asian ladies out there. Do you agree with our list?