5 Ways to Meet Asian Ladies Offline

asian ladies offlineThere are a million and one ways to meet Asian ladies offline and that’s not an exaggeration because Asia is a pretty big place. We cannot list 1 million ways here, however, because it’s going to take us forever to list all of the ways down, but we do have 5 for you. It’s not even close to a million but you’ll find that it’ll come in handy when you apply it to your dating life.

When in Asia:

Work events and conferences

When you’re working in Asia, work events as well as conferences are going to come in abundance. Attend as many of them as possible to meet professional Asian ladies offline. Even if the event is just a small get together with people at work, go ahead and attend it. You never know who you’re going to meet because, remember, one effective way of meeting women in Asia is through their friendship circles and relations.

Go out when friends invite you to do so


Assuming that you’re new in the neighborhood, a great idea would be to come through whenever your friends invite you to go out with them. Asians usually eat and drink and have a great time at karaoke places. Your friends might just bump into a few of their other friends and you can all join together in one group or this could be a way for you to ask your friend about his or her other friend that you’d like to meet.

Cultural events should be your thing

There are going to be a lot of cultural festivals that will take place when you’re living in Asia so take advantage of it. Chances are, you’ll meet someone you like and you can say “hi” while at the festival because, most of the time, the atmosphere is fun and festive, very conducive for meeting randomly meeting Asian ladies offline.

When NOT in Asia:

Be friend Asian co-workers

Asians stick together, trust us. Most Asians have a warm personality so it’s natural for them to seek out people who also come from a similar place. It’s also highly likely that they will have a lot of Asian friends so it’ll be your path to meeting Asian ladies offline. Have your new Asian friend set up a blind date with you and one of his or her Asian friends. When the date is on, the rest will be up to you.

Move to Asia

This is dramatic but it’s a good way to meet Asian ladies offline. We’ve done our research and Asian women in different countries don’t seem very approachable so you might have a hard time meeting a few. If you’re not willing to make the move, a good alternative would be to visit a specific Asian country for vacation. You can then meet women randomly there or you can, first, contact Asian women over the internet and then plan an offline meeting when things go well.

So what do you think of our list? We think the main thing to think about is meeting Asian women offline through their circle of friends. That’s the most common way of doing it and it’s highly successful when the both of you are compatible.