5 Types of Men Searching for Asian Brides

Asian brideWith over 4 billion people, Asia is considered as the planet’s largest and most populous continent. It is a broad region composed of different nationalities and with that, surely there’s an Asian woman perfectly made to suit your desires. Many men profess their love to the pure and soft-spoken women of Asia but did you know that there are different kinds of men that search for Asian brides?

The Profile Forger Guy

If it seems like the majority of men on dating sites describe themselves as “athletic and toned,” your eyes aren’t fooling you! Evidently these guys may be hoping that description will catch a lot of potential Asian bride’s attention. But, having such a mindset wouldn’t really help you especially if when you meet a woman after having posted these non-current photos of you. Her first thought about you is not going to be an evaluation of your actual appearance, but rather that you are someone who wasn’t honest about yourself. It is totally a massive turn-off for an Asian bride knowing how they value sincerity and honesty.

The “You live where?” Guy

Usually, these guys are the type who easily get withdrawn upon confirming that the Asian bride he is chatting lives in a distant area that seems too difficult to reach. They are chasers of those who are literally closer to their hand. As for Asian women, who count on effort and merit resourcefulness, there’s no use in talking to this type of guy because it’s unlikely that he will make the effort of meeting the woman he is chatting with. Reflecting such a behavior of easily eliminating a particular woman after finding out she is “out-of-the-way”, is very characteristic of this type.

The Lightning Guy

This is the kind of guy who sends an Asian bride tons of messages everyday and leaving her inbox (almost) full. After a lot of messages, he’s calling the woman Baby and asking for her address so they can “hang out” when he visits. They have this urge to rush things. It is a big NO, NO to Asian women in view of their customary beliefs on how things like this should be done. Taking things slow is the better approach to dating and courtship in Asia.

The Insulting Guy

This is the least a woman would want to encounter. Typically, guys who are misbehaving this way would leave every woman in his contact list no other choice but to bash him in return and block him if the scenario gets worse. They are the ones who respond rudely and attack your dignity after learning certain information about you. Thus they find joy and satisfaction throwing vulgar words. To Asian girls, this kind of intolerable behavior is not even close to be deemed worthy.

The Sweet Guy

Asian women love thoughtfulness. It is, in fact, true for all women – receiving gifts makes a woman appreciate the gift giver. These gifts, it may be in form of cash or material things, should be given for a reason fitting for any occasion or cause. Fleeting everywhere, men of this kind are common nowadays. There’s nothing wrong with a man wants to endow his woman, however, let’s not forget that there should be a balance of giving material things and giving your effort. To some extent, guys who possess such an attitude end up being labelled as the “good guy”.