5 Things Asian Girls Don’t Like

Asian GirlsHave you ever had a friend among Asian girls? Or maybe you’ve been in a relationship with one? If you have, these 5 things may not surprise you a whole lot but they’re still pretty interesting to know. These differences may have something to do with culture, geography and genetics but generally this is just a small list for you to get a better idea of what Asian girls don’t like.

• The sun – No, girls from Asia are not vampires. They specifically don’t like dark skin so whenever they go to the beach, they are almost always in full gear (umbrella, wide rim hat, loads of sunscreen, etc). This is mainly because of the culture in Asia. White skin may have indicated one’s societal status in the past (not having to work under the heat of the scorching sun). And so, the importance that was placed on how white your skin looks was passed on to the next generation.

• Not sharing food – This may depend on the type of restaurant that you’re in. If you’re eating in a fancy shmancy restaurant, then it’s alright for you not to share but if you’re at a casual, laid-back restaurant or café, the polite thing to do would be to offer a piece of your food to your Asian girlfriend. It’s a nice gesture that they will appreciate.

• Age guessing – Fact: Asian girls age gracefully. Another fact: it becomes annoying if you try to guess their age. There are a few exceptions to the rule, Filipinos for example don’t mind when you guess their age but for Chinese, Koreans, or Japanese, it might be a touchy subject so better stop the guessing game and avoid it all together.

• Not paying on the first date – Times are getting more modern and it’s true that the dating rules have changed considerably. There are a lot of Asian girls, however, that are still pretty traditional. Not paying on the first date could come across as impolite and ungentlemanly so make sure you bring your wallet. Also, don’t even bother hinting that you’d prefer to do Dutch pay. It’s still going to be the same thing.

• Exercise – Not all Asian girls hate to exercise but it’s probably because they don’t really need to. Most Asian girls are already very thin despite them consuming huge amounts of food every 2 hours. It has something to do with genetics this time – their metabolism is faster. The only opportunity for them to actually exercise is if they feel like they are gaining weight. After losing the pounds, they’ll just go right back to eating.

Well that was fun and informative wouldn’t you say? We’d like to hear from you about other things that Asian girls don’t like. Feel free to comment below and let’s keep the conversation going.