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Signs to Tell if you’re Sorta-Dating or Seriously Dating

Have you had that phase in your life where you think you’re dating someone, but you’re not sure? This happens more often than many of us think. We’ve always thought it was only happening to us, but a lot of people are going through this phase or have gone through it. So, the major question is: how do you know if you’re just hanging out or seriously dating?

Internet Dating Advice on Sorta-Dating and Dating Seriously

We’re currently in the grey area with this one. So, for all of us to know, we need to differentiate white from black. Here’s how we can do that:

1. Define Dating

Whether it’s online dating or seeing each other face to face, we need to establish what “dating” is. This word could mean different things to different people. But, we need to look at the basics. Why do people go on dates in the first place? Dates let two people know if they have a spark or if they can potentially have a romantic link. The keyword is: romantic. Let’s remember that as we go through the steps.

2. Define the Purpose of Hanging Out

Next, ask yourself why you hang out with your friends. Some of the reasons could be because you want to have a good time, a good laugh, or just to enjoy the presence of your buddies. Let’s keep this in mind too.

3. Compare Both Notes

Now let’s compare both. The first thing we needed to remember was the keyword “romantic”. When you say romantic, a few things come to mind – wine, candle light dinners, flirty gestures. Now, when you think of people hanging out, you think of eating pizza, maybe playing video games, or doing something fun. You don’t really think romantic thoughts because the goal is to enjoy time with friends.

4. Define Your Sorta-Dates

This time, think about the meetings you’ve had. Have there been romantic gestures, or is it all about having fun and just spending time together? Don’t get this wrong because there can be romantic gestures while you’re having fun. The main difference is when you’re just hanging out, zero flirts have been thrown your way.

5. Decide: Go with Your Gut or Just Ask

At this point, you can, either, go with your gut and follow what it tells you, or plainly ask. Just remember, your gut won’t be right all the time. It can be reliable, but when you add butterfly feelings to the equation, your gut might get confused too.

Know Before Dating

It’s a little bit weird to ask, but asking is the best way you’ll know. If he or she is not interested, you can move on because you haven’t invested feelings yet. But, if the person says that you are dating seriously, wouldn’t that bring you to cloud 9?

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