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Reasons Why you Can’t Get an Asian Girlfriend

Been wanting to have a relationship with an Asian girl but don’t why you don’t have one yet after months of searching for matches on an Asian online dating site? Well, there are a number of reasons why you can’t seem to get an Asian girlfriend and one of them maybe in this list of 5 common things that you get wrong when looking for an Asian girlfriend.

You’ll Never Have An Asian Girlfriend If You Do This

#1: You act too tough

Asian girls like their men to be men but, at the same time, they also want their men to be sensitive. Have you ever seen a KPOP video? If you don’t know what KPOP is, you better Google it. Asian girls go crazy over KPOP idols because they are manly and yet they still show a slightly feminine and sensitive side which, in theory, is where the romance comes from.

When chatting with an Asian lady online, slow your roll and just act (or speak or chat) naturally. Imagine how you would sound like while in a normal conversation in real life and then convey that when you’re chatting.

#2: You’re not family-oriented

Does your profile show hints of you not being in good terms with your family? Or maybe, have you said something along the lines of: “family is not that important to me”? If you’re nodding to both of these, it’s no wonder that you don’t have an Asian girlfriend.

Asians, in general, are very family-oriented and they wouldn’t want to be with a man who feels otherwise.

#3: Your profile is not that interesting

This is a very common reason when it comes to online dating and not just Asian dating. You sometimes feel too overwhelmed by what type of info you put on your profile that you decide to write something mediocre (like 1 or 2 sentences about your life). This is unacceptable and you need to redo your profile so it’s more attention-catching.

#4: It’s all about you with a sprinkle of unrealistic expectations

You have to remember that most Asian women are educated and if they see that your profile contains massive traces of boastfulness, they will back off. On top of just concentrating on writing about your achievements (you have a car, a house and a lot of money), you also put unrealistically high standards under “Who I Want to Meet”. Any Asian woman cannot live up to that so it’s understandable that they just pass by your profile and move on to the next one.

#5: Racism

You probably don’t have an Asian girlfriend yet because you mention racist comments on your chats or on your dating profile. For example, telling an Asian woman that you have a “thing” for Asians is a no-no. Another example is if you ask her about her race.

Racism is not a big issue to most Asian women because they don’t really think anything of it. They’re just willing to oblige to questions but we took it up to stop you from saying or asking the wrong things.

Which 5 have you done?

It’s time to make a serious assessment of what you’ve done in the past – check your profile, scan your past messages and see if there’s a pattern with the way you speak or the way you act. If there is, then it’s not too late yet! We’ve made this list intentionally as a guide so you can start fresh! Check back again soon for more helpful posts on dating Asian ladies and getting an Asian girlfriend.