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Reasons to Choose a Japanese Woman

Asia is filled with colorful nationalities each with their own unique culture. Japan can be considered one of the most mysterious and interesting of these nations. Though what makes a Japanese woman stand out and why should you choose her to be your future wife? Here are a few reasons why you should choose a Japanese woman.

A Japanese Woman Is Every Man’s Dream, And Here’s Why

1st Reason: They are Kawaii (Cute)

Japanese girls are almost synonymous to kawaii or cute.  They have the cute thing down to an art that they make themselves so adorable that men simply can’t resist. Imagine how these ladies have mastered the art of balancing cute and seductive at the same time. But men beware, this power of super cuteness actually imbues these ladies with the ability to manipulate men into doing her bidding with a wink and a luscious strawberry pink pout.

2nd Reason: They are obsessed with hygiene.

The Japanese are a nation known for their cleanliness. This can be seen in how they keep their cities clean, down to the public toilets. Even when you smoke, you have this little portable ashtray to collect the ashes of your cigarette. This also translates to the hygienic attribute of Japanese ladies. They keep things clean and tidy. This actually is a great attribute as when things start to get serious, you can be sure that she will not make a mess of your home. Though this also means that you have to match her cleanliness or arguments are bound to arise.

3rd Reason: They are kind.

A Japanese woman will not burn you the way a western woman would. There are even accounts that when she breaks up with you, it does not even feel like a break up because she is so afraid of offending you. She will go out of her way to ensure your comfort and will check on your well-being. They tend to put your needs first as it is a virtue of the Japanese to be thoughtful of others. This directly manifests in relationships as they will shower your with this kindness a whole lot more.

4th Reason: They are loyal.

Japanese girls have adapted their country’s nationalistic attitude. They are fiercely loyal to their country, their culture and their customs. This translates in relationships as loyalty. They remain loyal to one as long as he is theirs to love. If you’re tired of the girls who can’t seem to be content with the man they’re with, then a Japanese lady will be the way to go.

5th Reason:  They like giving gifts.

Japanese are a gift giving people. They give gifts when they move in to the unit next to yours, they give gifts to co-workers on their first day on the job and so on. So you can expect to get small, sweet and meaningful gifts and trinkets from time to time. They also tend to like giving you handmade things like scarves and chocolates. This is a truly sweet gesture you can expect from a Japanese woman.