5 Languages an Asian Woman Speaks

Just from the title, you might think that we’re talking about literal languages like English, French, Korean, Chinese and etc. No. This post is not about that. Though Asian women speak different languages, there are other languages that they understand better and you, as the man in the relationship who cares so much for the Asian woman, need to learn how to speak these 5 relationship languages fluently:Asian woman

1. Service

Let us tell you what service is and what it isn’t. First, what service ISN’T is being at the Asian woman’s beck and call 24-7, this is not that kind of service. What it IS, however, is showing that you care about her by doing little things that make her happy – open the doors for her, getting her a glass of water, maybe a foot massage, carrying her bag, giving her your jacket when she’s cold and so on.

2. Giving

Asia women love gifts. Most of the time, however, they will not ask for something directly because it is not in the Asian culture to actually ask for a gift. What happens is that an Asian woman will just wait it out especially during special occasions (like anniversaries). Our advice is not to wait for these anniversaries. Surprise her with flowers at any time of the week, surprise her with breakfast in bed or surprise her with a small gift that she’ll appreciate.

NOTE: Gifts don’t have to be expensive. They could be a one stalk of flower you picked while walking in a park.

3. Affirmation

An affirmation is basically emotional support or encouragement. Asian women, in fact all women for that matter, like it when they are emotionally supported. Commonly, men would just negate a woman’s feelings because men aren’t really “touchy feel-y” creatures. Go against your nature every now and then and show that you support your Asian women emotionally. How to you do this? By listening and by paying attention.

4. Quality time

Here’s another language that you need to practice and speak – quality time. To the men who are reading this, quality time for an Asian woman does not involve sitting on the couch and watching “the game” together. Quality time means that the both of your are involved and engaged in what you are doing. The both of you are doing an activity to strengthen your relationship.

Quality time is something that each couple does differently so you have to find what yours is together. It could be a short vacation, a walk in the park, having coffee and so on.

5. Touch

Here’s another important item that Asian women constantly need. Touch to a human communicates all the things that can’t be said. Touch could be holding hands, wrapping your arms around her shoulder, brushing her hair off her cheek or spooning.

Do you speak 5 languages?

So you see, it isn’t just the language, that we literally know, that is important. It’s also the language of the heart that most men forget to practice. Now that you know, we recommend actively practicing one language at a time to better your relationship with our Asian woman.