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General Advice for Dating Thai Women

Think again if you’re imagining how easy it will be for you to bag the Thai woman you’ve been dreaming about for a long time. Dating Thai women is the exact opposite of what you’re thinking – these girls are a bit of a challenge, at least the good ones or the ones that you want to have serious relations with. If you’re thinking that Thai women are easy or that dating Thai women is going to be a walk in the park for you, think again. You have your work cut out for you unless you consider the following advice.

What You Must Know Before Dating Thai Women

Social Pressure

This is Thailand that we’re talking about. You may already know that most foreign men visit the country to marry a local Thai woman. There’s no problem with that but, the thing is, women who marry foreign men are generally thought of as low class or low quality by the Thai society. So, this means that the Thai girl you’re interested in needs to be strong and a bit thick skinned because criticism will be thrown towards her for dating you.

The Waiting Game

The progression of your “relationship” (if you can already call it that) will be slower than what you’re used to. Thai women, again we’re talking about the good ones, will take their time to get to know you and test you. If you’re looking for a whirlwind romance and aren’t really up for the serious love stuff, you’re better off dating Thai women who work in bars or pubs.

The Eye of the Public

Think about #1 again as it is connected to this advice: Don’t be offended when she doesn’t want to hold hands in public or if she always brings a friend with her on your dates.

First off, displaying affection publicly make Thai people feel uncomfortable. Our advice is this: if she doesn’t want to, don’t force it. It’s actually a good sign! Secondly, with her bringing her friend along on dates – it is a Thai thing. Just let her. Eventually, she’ll feel more comfortable with you and she’ll go on dates with just you and her.

Comparisons = DON’T

Foreign men who are dating Thai women sometimes make observations about Thailand and compare it to their home country. Please take note that Thai women do not like this as they are proud of their country and their culture. Making comparative observations all the time will not result to anything good in your relationship.

Mind the Language Barrier

You’re not talking to someone from your own country. You’re talking to a Thai woman. No matter how good her English is, you will eventually notice a sentence or two that she said that made you feel uncomfortable. For example, a Thai woman can say that you put on a little weight. This can be offensive to you but to her, it’s really complementing your appearance saying that you look better now. It’s a big difference in interpretation so mind the language barrier.

It All Boils Down to: Cultural Differences

Good job if you’ve spotted a common theme in all 5 advice. It all boils down to cultural differences so what you can do, if you’re really interested in dating a Thai woman, is do your homework and see what works for her and not for yourself.

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