5 Factors to Consider Before Marrying a Chinese Woman

Marrying a Chinese WomanIt’s easy to just jump into life-changing decisions when love or emotions are involved. Bare this in mind when you’re dating a Chinese woman online.

Most of the cases involve dozens of correspondence (via email, video, chat and letters) but only a few face to face encounters so it’s very easy to get swept away when rare moments like this take place. For example, when you’ve been corresponding with a beautiful Chinese woman for months (almost a year, let’s say) and you’re going to visit her for the first time.

Instead of popping the question while you’re there, our advice is to wait and here are 5 reasons why:

1. Time spent together.

You may not realize it but hundreds of hours in correspondence may only equal to 10 days or so. Be realistic and really think about the time that you’ve spent together. Corresponding with each other can bring you closer but it is still not a substitute for meeting and spending time with each other in person. The advantages of actually meeting and spending time together before marrying a Chinese woman include the following:

  • Both of you can get a realistic feel of how the other person is.
  • You’ll have a more quality connection.

2. Relationship standing.

When the both of you consider yourselves as exclusively dating, you have to assess where your relationship is before visiting the other person and then popping the big question. Expect that all good things, all the magical things, will be felt during the early stages of the relationship. Why not allow the relationship to have its ups and downs  before marrying a Chinese woman? The ups are great but the downs will really be a testing through fire.

3. Culture.

This is the biggest reason why AWWM (Asian Woman, Western Man) couples don’t make it. They do not anticipate that there will be a strain put into the relationship because of cultural difference. Asian people, in general, are very ingrained to the culture that they have. Her adjustment will depending on her coping skills. How will get an idea of how well her coping skills are? Spend time with each other in person.

4. Life choices.

Everything and anything can be said online. That’s the truth. They could be lies and they could be facts. We won’t really know how sincere these words are unless we hear them for ourselves, don’t you agree? What happens when your expecting your to be Chinese bride to move in with you, in your own country but you later on find out that she isn’t willing to do that?

5. Visa assumptions.

Now, this part you’re going to have to research on your own because it will depend on what country you’re in. Why do you have to research visa rules and regulations for foreign wives? Because your assumptions need to be confirmed or corrected. You’ll be surprised at what you may find.

“Think before you act.”

That’s how the saying goes, doesn’t it? It’s better to be safe than sorry. Do not give in to your emotions just yet. Love with your heart but don’t love without using your brain. Good luck!