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5 Asian Dating Resolutions You Should List Down

It’s time you start making Asian dating resolutions you should be sticking to this year in order to better your online dating experience, don’t you think? We have different areas in our life that needs a bit of our attention and if you haven’t had much luck last year with finding and Asian girlfriend, you should really consider applying the 5 following Asian dating resolutions in your life.

Resolution #1: Drop the stereotypes already

It’s time for you to throw away the stereotypes and get to know and stay up to date with an Asian lady who catches your interest. Stereotypes will tell you that Asian ladies are submissive and mild tempered but it could actually be the opposite. Though the definitions are not that extreme, an Asian lady could be a mix of complicated characteristics – independent yet submissive, bold yet coy, traditional yet open minded.

Resolution #2: Get accustomed to big families

Almost every Asian family you come across have close family ties. Get used to the idea. This means that when you go steady with an Asian lady, there’s a high chance that her family is going to be involved in your relationship to a certain degree. It also means that you need to spend time with her family every now and then – attend family gatherings whenever you can, have dinner at their house every so often and so on. If you’re in a long distance relationship, make sure that you bring goodies for the entire family when you come down for a visit.

Resolution #3: Work on your Asian palette

Are you used to eating rice or noodles? Well get used to it. Asia is a melting pot of different cultures which means that it is also a melting pot for different flavors. It’s almost certain, however, that rice will be a staple in every meal. Get used to the carbs this year if you want to date an Asian lady. When Asian dating, you have to remember that food is a big part of the culture.

Resolution #4: The career factor

If you’re not motivated to work on your promotion, Asian dating might just change your mind. Almost all Asians are very career oriented. Career success is a very attractive factor to an Asian woman. It’s not the only attractive factor in a man, of course, but it does play a major role in catching an Asian woman’s  attention.

Resolution #5: Stop looking in bars

A sure fire way to come across women with the wrong motives is to look for love in Asian bars. This is especially true when the Asian city you’re visiting is very keen to visiting foreigners. This year, change your approach and see if you can meet women through professional circles and through online dating. This is not to say that all women in Asian bars aren’t after serious relationships. Most of them aren’t and there’s only a very few who are into finding a future partner.

That’s it for our 5 Asian dating resolutions for you to consider. It’s time to make a change in your Asian dating life. Stick to the resolutions and see the difference they make.