4 Valentine’s Day Gift Suggestions for your Korean Girlfriend

Your current status: you have a Korean girlfriend online. You haven’t met in person but you’re frequently chatting and doing video conferences. You currently have a wonderful relationship and you’re future together is looking brighter everyday. Now, Valentine’s day is approaching. What gift will you give her since she’s a million miles away from you?

We have a few suggestions but first, let’s take a closer look at what Valentine’s Day means to all Koreans.

Valentine’s Day in Korea

Traditionally, in most parts of the world, Valentine’s Day is a day that men give gifts to the women. The legend of St Valentine started all of it but in Korea, it’s different. Instead of men giving gifts to women, it’s the women that give gifts to the men. On the other hand, they have this holiday called White Day which becomes a day for men to give gifts to women. It’s unclear when and how White Day started but it’s been a long time tradition for most couples in Korea.

So Now What?

So that you know how Valentine’s is celebrated in Korea, you might be thinking that your off the hook with the gift giving fiasco. It’s actually up to you but, when you analyze it further, isn’t it better to go ahead with your plans to still give her something for Valentine’s?

Let’s Proceed

For those of you who have made the conscious decision of moving forward with selecting a gift, good choice. Here are a few suggestions for gifts that you can give to your Korean girlfriend, even if you’re miles away (a word of warning: be ready to get sappy and romantic):

1. A song while you’re video conferencing.

OK. Skip this one if you’re not the type who sings but think about it for a second. A song is free, although your conference call might not be if you’re contacting each other on a dating website that needs payment. But if you’re doing video calls via Skype or Facetime (iPhone app), then all the better.

2. Surprise her with a short video.

This would be a fun project to and when you’re done, you can just send it to her email. But, what are you going to do in the video? Try writing sweet nothings on pieces of paper and then use them as flash cards for the video. Set them up like flash cards and turn them one by one while romantic music is playing in the background. You don’t have to say anything because the cards should do that for you.

3. A day at the Spa.

Now, this option might be costly and complicated to do but what girl wouldn’t be impressed if her boyfriend, from half way around the world, sent her a printable spa voucher via email. You’ll know what spa she frequents if you pay attention your conversations with her.

Korean girlfriend4. Chocolates.

Good old fashioned chocolates – this kind of gift is very common during Valentine’s Day and White Day. But, how do you get your hands on a good box of chocolates and then send them to her in time for V-Day? Simple. Have a credit card? Order it online from a Korean company.

Wrap it Up

These gifts don’t only apply to a Korean girlfriend but to all Asian girlfriends. Asian ladies will appreciate the above mentioned and maybe she may even be tempted to give you something during Heart’s Day. Just remember that it’s always the thought that counts and not the price. Good luck with your gift hunting!