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What You Should Never Do If You Are Dating an Asian Girl

Plus point when dating an Asian girl is easy to come by as long as you know what to do and what NOT to do. What you need to do, you may already know because you, basically, just need to be a gentleman. What NOT to do, however, needs a bit of your research. Here are 4 thing that you shouldn’t do when dating an Asian girl:

Don’t #1: Never, ever, tell her you have a “thing” for Asian girls.

Asian girls, like any other race or nationality, want to be treated as an individual and with respect. Telling an Asian girl that you have this “thing” for Asians make it seem like a fetish or a sexual fantasy. No one likes to get treated as a sex object and this would actually come across as you’re only after her for the sex. On the subject of the Asian “thing”: try to avoid guessing her ethnicity or her nationality, like the plague. It will annoy her so bad that you might not even get a second date. Don’t worry, you will get to know more of her culture once things get serious.

Don’t #2: Don’t play it too safe.

Despite the reality that most Asians have a degree of being conservative, these girls actually enjoy fun and adventure. Playing it too safe like taking her to a fancy dinner or coffee might come across as a little too boring.  Be creative when you are dating an Asian girl. What you can do instead is to take her to places that would actually introduce a little bit of who you are. Let’s say you’re someone who enjoys a bucket of shrimps, why not take her to a quaint restaurant with a view of the sea that lets you eat with your bare hands? Just make sure you ask her if she has seafood allergies just to show you care for her well-being.

Don’t #3: Don’t box her into Asian stereotypes

Let’s admit it, the initial attraction of men to Asian women is the picture perfect stereotypes you see, hear and read about. The woman who is submissive, takes care of the home and the kids, the woman strongly characterized by gender roles. Think again. Though Asia may not be the west, it has evolved and grown into the modern times. Upbringing of children is now slowly moving towards a more western approach and the issue of gender equality is now being slowly addressed. This means, women from Asia are now building their own careers, are independent, and are as well educated as any man from her county. She will still be able to cook kick-ass dishes from her homeland and she will still be more feminine than some western women, but do not box her into the Asian stereotype that you dream her to be. Remember, when dating an Asian girl, love her for who she is, not what you wish, dream or intend her to be.

Don’t #4: Never forget to treat her with respect.

Respect is a very important value in the Asian world. This is the very root of the politeness and kindness most Asian nationalities exhibit. Asians respect basically anything that has life. Wouldn’t a woman from such a culture deserve the same level of respect she shows you or everyone else for that matter? Respect her culture, respect her reservations, respect her needs, respect her even when she declines your advances, initially. Respect begets respect. And, best of all, when you treat your Asian princess with the utmost respect, she will eventually give you her heart and will love you all the more because you respected the pace she needed to go to grow your relationship.

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