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Real Advice about Seriously Dating Thai Girls

When you think about Thai girls, what comes to your mind first?

You may be thinking that they’re beautiful, that they’re fun to be with and that they could be a little “spicy”. This is all true. Most Thai girls that you will meet have these qualities but this is not reason to celebrate because, most of the time, these girls aren’t really down to have serious relationships (emphasis on most of the time, not all the time).

If you really want to seriously date Thai girls long term, as in being in it for the long haul, you need to know the following.

What To Do If You Are Serious About Thai Girls

1. Do not go to Thailand to find the girl of your dreams.

If you’re sole purpose is to go to Thailand to find a girl then you’d have better chances signing up to an online dating website. Thailand is much too big just to find one girl for a serious relationship. And, since you’re a foreigner in the country, chances are, you’ll come across dozens of girls that just want to have fun. That’s kind of counterproductive.

2. Forget What you Know about Dating

Since you’re used to your style of dating, no matter what it is, you have to flush it all down the drain because the dating practices in Thailand are very different. Think middle school, puppy love type of dating – a lot of hand holding (if she agrees). Just be patient about intimacy. Remember that it’s not about being intimate, its about being in a serious relationship.

3. Seek Advice from Thai Friends

Now, this is really important if you haven’t been immersed and are not very familiar with Thai culture.

If you do find a girl, ask what other Thai people think of her. You might consider her as a nice girl but if she acts in an undesirable manner (based on Thai culture and conduct), Thai people will tell you otherwise. If you decide to be in a relationship with her even though your Thai sources tell you the opposite, her attitude will, eventually, catch up and that could spell trouble or you and your fragile heart.

Don’t worry if you don’t have Thai friends. All you have to do is find a Thai dating forum. There are loads online. Google some and see for yourself.

4. Good Girl Thai Style

This is very similar to #3. What you consider as good qualities in a girl may not be good qualities at all by Thai standards. You need to look at a girl through the eyes of Thai culture because bad habits and bad attitudes will eventually emerge later on. Here are some of qualities of a Thai girl that are considered as RED FLAGS:

  • A Thai girl goes out alone.
  • She dates strangers.
  • Not having a lot of friends.

Again, you can always go to online forums for more red flags. Make use of your resources online and do your homework (that’s what we always suggest).

 As for Finding A Good Thai Girl

You’ll find her eventually as long as you keep looking. Might we suggest online dating sites to get you started? And, don’t forget to read up on Thai culture and Thai dating practices, it’ll greatly help you evaluate every Thai girl you come across.