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Qualities Single Asian Women Want in a Man

Single Asian women have very specific qualities that they would like the man of their dreams to have. Don’t be surprised because it absolutely has nothing to do with looks. Yes, that’s right. Even if you’re not physically attractive an Asian woman will look past that and see these 4 qualities.

Single Asian Woman Will Be Interested In You If You Have These Traits

1. Kindness and understanding

We’ve discovered that these characteristics were stated in almost 90% of the Asian women’s profiles on Asiandate. It’s something that’s too broad for us to identify the specifics but we figured that if single Asian women are looking for foreign husbands, they might recognize the different difficulties like the language barrier and the cultural difference. Both of which need kindness and understanding (probably a lot of it) for them to be overcome.

It also implies that if you have kindness and understanding you also have:


You don’t like to fight.

You see things objectively.

You make a mature decisions.

Every woman would want that in their man. He sounds like a great guy to be with!

2. Accepting towards her family

Asians have very close relationships with their family. Even if they don’t see their family often, you can bet that they call every now and then. And, of course, there will always be a special holiday that will gather all of the family together. You have to be there, of course, when you’re married to an Asian beauty.

3. Accepting towards her culture

This includes but is not limited to the type of food she eats, the way she runs the house (slippers off, please), when and how she celebrates her holidays and how she does things generally. A man has to really be open minded and accepting about her culture because it will never be something that she can turn her back from.

No matter how influential your culture is to her, she will always have a stronger bond with her own. She can be flexible with this of course but, you know what they say: happy wife, happy life (or happy girlfriend, happy life).

4. Goal-oriented and Hardworking

Asians have always had a good work ethic when it came to their jobs. It won’t matter if an Asian likes his or her job, they will do their best at it. Single Asian women feel secure when in life when a man is hardworking in his job and is goal-oriented in life. They’re used to this kind of system because they’ve seen their father and/or their brothers go on over-times, business trips and the like.

Do you have these qualities?

If you have all 4 qualities then congratulations is in order. You, sir, are a shoe in. Asian women probably flood your inbox with a dozen messages.

If you only have 2 or 3 of these qualities, not to worry. You can always work at it. Even if you don’t do it for meeting Asian women, it would be beneficial if you have these qualities so you can meet other women that are interested in long term relationships or marriage. Work on yourself to be a better person.

We hope that you found this helpful. Don’t forget to share this with someone who’s interested in dating Asian women. We still have so much to share so you don’t be shy to head over for a visit. We’ve got more Asian dating tips, love advice, culture tips, and family tips for you!