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Myths and Truths About Dating Asian Women

A lot of people have misconceptions about Asian women and dating Asian women, in general. Some are negative but there are some that are geared towards positiveness. However, for today’s post, we’re not really going to focus on more positive myths about Asian women. Instead, our aim is to correct whatever negative misconception you have so you can finally learn the truths about dating these gorgeous women.

Myths and Truths About Dating You Need To Differentiate

1. Asian women make good wives because they are submissive, they do chores, they clean the house and they cook well.

Even though a lot of Asian women have been raised in an environment filled with heritage and tradition, there are still hints of Western culture that influence the way they think or the way they do things. These days, this is even more apparent as a lot of Asian women take over the business world and take on the roles of a CEO, a manager, a supervisor, a team leader and, to top it all off, a mother or a daughter.

So #1 is definitely a myth because Asian women are far from submissive to the point of not having their own life goals. Most do chores, most know how to clean the house and cook but they still maintain their independence.

2. Dating Asian women means that you’ll be dating someone sweet and innocent.

We are not sure why but most men view Asian women as perfect little Asian dolls (especially the Chinese, the Japanese and the Koreans). You must remember that Asian women have different personalities and they come from different cultures from their respective Asian countries. It would be too general to say that all Asian women are sweet and innocent because there are some that are driven, aggressive, competitive and outspoken.This one is definitely a mislead myth.

3. A foreign man is merely an Asian woman’s ticket out of her country.

Please know, before hand, that there are Asian women who have made scamming people on the internet into a living; yes people like that exist. But, it would be unfair to the rest of the population who are making an honest living to generalize all Asian women as “gold diggers”.

We also have to take into consideration the number of expats that have actually moved to their wife’s country instead of the other way around.

4. Asian women are easy to get.

Another false statement spoken against all Asian women. This myth is, again, caused by Asian women who have given a bad name to Asian women all over the world. To clarify everything, Asian women are not hard to get. On the contrary, they may choose to hold out until your wedding night. This is because intimacy post- marriage is frowned upon by society.

Debunking Is Done

So there you have it. 4 myths debunked by 4 truths about Asian women. If you have anything to add to our list, feel free to comment what you had in mind below and we’ll be sure to consider it. Check back in for more helpful Asian posts and fun articles about the Asian culture.