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Ways to Impress a Chinese Lady Online

We understand that you’ve met the most gorgeous Chinese lady online and you’d like to know how to impress her even if you’re miles away. Don’t rock your brains out in thinking of ways for you to do this because we’ve done the thinking for you and it’s as clear as the light of day.

Before we go into it, there’s one very important concept that you need to understand and we’ve already mentioned this in one of our posts: actions speak louder than words in the Chinese dating and relationship culture. Of course, this is not to say that emotional projection is no longer required. It definitely is but the action part should have acted upon a little more than the sweet talking part. Having said that, we will base the following ways to impress a Chinese lady online on that concept:

1. Send over flowers/presents

Because you met your Chinese lady online, you can’t really do much on the action department apart from showing her that you’re really making an effort. If you do all of the arrangements for the dating agency (if you are signed up to one) to bring flowers to her home or to her workplace (don’t worry, it’s common), she’ll appreciate it. All the more, actually, when you don’t have an agency to ask help from. If you do it on your own – contact their local flower shop and make all the necessary arrangements in her mother language (ok so maybe you’ll need a little help as it is less likely that the local florist will speak your language fluently) – the impression will be deeper.

2. Initiate contact

There are probably three ways that you communicate: Email, Chat, and Video Conference. Initially, you may be communicating at random times like when both of you see that you’re both online at the same time. As time passes, when you’ve already developed that understanding, you’re probably going to have a set schedule of when you actually go online to chat or video chat. When this happens, make sure that you take the lead – it’s important that you do. You don’t have to be forceful in implementing the schedule but what we mean is you have to initiate – send messages first, suggest a schedule first, email her first and so on.

3. Visit her

Traveling to another country for a Chinese lady is a big deal and you have to know that it also has a big meaning. To a Chinese lady, you visiting her shows that you’re really serious so you have to put much thought into doing so. Once there, of course she will greatly appreciate the fact that you’ve traveled a thousand miles just to see her and spend time with her. Just make sure that you do this under the right circumstances.


Just remember the concept that we told you about earlier: more action, less words. If you base all your actions on this, you’ll actually do more than just impress that lovely Chinese lady online. Do you agree? We’re sure that you do. What other things have you done that prove this concept to be true? Care to share it with us?