3 Types of Asian Women to Avoid

There are different kinds of Asian women that we will encounter when you’re online dating. Essentially, we can categorize them into two types: 1. There’s the Asian woman who’s sincerely looking for a partner in life type, and 2. there’s the Asian woman who wants to take advantage of you type. Spotting women under these 2 categories may be difficult because you’ll never really know people’s true intention until the last part of the story.

For today’s post let’s start with breaking down the specifics under the second category. We’ll tell you the 3 types of Asian women to avoid and why you should avoid them:

1st Type: The Needy Asian Ladies

She may be coming off as a beautiful damsel in distress but the truth is, she’s just looking for someone to save her from the current situation that she’s in. There’s also a possibility that she might be scamming you so she (if she’s indeed a woman) can get financial aid.

She might be prone to:

  • Asking for financial support
  • Asking for emotional support
  • Being paranoid – always doubting you
  • Being controlling and needy

You should avoid her because…

She’s emotionally exhausting to be with. She’s always going to give you a sad-story about her life or her situation and she’s never going to just concentrate on finding a husband. Subconsciously, what she may be searching for is a “shock absorber” or a financier.

2nd Type: The Snobby Asian WomenAsian women to avoid

This type is pretty common in Asia though they may go through the radar undetected. These Asian women tend to prioritize societal standing. They want to have the best materially, marry the best, have the best kids and have the best life. Now, while this is not a crime in itself, we all know that it is impossible.

She might be prone to:

  • Being bossy
  • Being manipulative to get what she wants

You should avoid her because…

You’ll never please her. She’s determined for things to go her way and she will stop at nothing to get only the best for herself. She may be determined but she centered on her own needs rather than the needs of others (and even the needs of her family).

3rd Type: The Overly Submissive Asian Females

Is being overly submissive a bad thing? YES, if you want a successful relationship.

In Asia, gender roles are finely defined. With this said, women are aware of what and how they should be but women who go to extremes with the gender role thing are to be avoided.

She might be prone to:

  • Saying yes all the time
  • Being shy and passive

You should avoid her because…

One quality that you should be looking for in an Asian lady is her attitude of not being afraid to be herself and not being afraid of following her own dreams while you’re together. Being with an Asian woman, who’s just willing to be under your shadow in all stages of the relationship is no challenge. In other words, it’s going to be a very boring relationship.

Are you Surprised?

Isn’t it surprising to find out that you are suppose to avoid Asian women like these? How many types have you encountered. Don’t be shy to share you experiences below. Check back in soon with more helpful tips on Asian dating, online dating and international dating!

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