3 Things to Do if your Asian Beauty is NOT Responding

There are hundreds, even thousands, of Asian beauty profiles over the internet but there will always be one (or maybe one at a specific period of time), that will catch your attention in a flash. Let’s say that her picture is gorgeous, her likes are very similar to yours, same with her dislikes and she has written the most compelling description of herself. You send her a message and then you wait. A few hours go by and nothing. A day goes by and still nothing. You wait for another day and then you send another message but you still get nothing. Is there some way you can make her reply to your messages because you’re that interested in her?

First of all, you get an A for effort because you waited until the next day to send her another message (if this is indeedAsian beauty the case). The question asked two sentences before this pretty common, not only when talking about dating Asian beauties but, with online dating in general. So here’s what we figured out:

Things You Can Do if your Asian Beauty is NOT Responding

1. Wait.

There is no average time for people to reply to your message when online dating. All you really have to do is wait. Maybe your Asian beauty has not read the message yet or maybe the internet is slow in her area. In any case, there are a number of factors that you need to consider as to why she’s not replying. You’ll know that you’ve waited long enough if it’s already been 48hours. After that, you just move along and consider that she may not have been interested.

2. Revise your message.

Here’s another tactic that you could try: revise your message. Why? There’s a big chance that the Asian beauty you like might not know how to express herself well in English. If you wrote her a 3-paragraph introduction, she might have been too intimidated to respond. Send her a simpler message and see if that will give you results. If you do get a reply, consider making your messages short and sweet or you could consider hiring a translator from the dating website you’re on.

3. Be Yourself.

This is very important: Asian women can see right through your cockiness. If you sent a message that sounds too cocky, you’ve lost it. It’s time to move on to the next Asian beauty. There’s no need to revise anything or resend a message. If you experience another spark with another profile, just remember to be yourself and inject your personality into a simple message before you send a “hello”.

Final Thoughts

Read your Asian beauty’s profile carefully. You might get your clues there – clues about what she likes in guys and what she doesn’t like. Just make sure you remember these 3 tips and you’ll be alright. You’ll get replies soon enough! And, if you’re really compatible, chances are, she’ll feel it too and it won’t take her long to reply so don’t sweat it!

For more Asian dating tips, online dating tips and the like, check back in with us soon! Good luck with getting your Asian beauty to reply.