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Gestures that Will Make an Asian Woman Feel Special

Grand gestures of love, like publicly professing how you feel about someone with cloud writings, are a great way to make any woman feel special. If you did this to an Asian woman, her heart would melt like an ice cream in the sun, because she’s finally experiencing what it’s like to be in a romantic comedy movie.

To Win A Heart Of An Asian Woman, Here’s What You Must Do

The downside to this is it’s not really realistic and practical. While doing grand gestures of love may work during very special occasions, like marriage proposals, it’s absolutely NOT something that you can do on a daily basis despite you wanting to make your Asian lady feel special every day.

Here’s what we figured out though: you don’t have to focus on the grand gestures so much. What you need to pay attention to are the small ones. Here are three small gestures that you can do to make your Asian beauty feel special daily:

1. Give her your gold.

Time is gold and it’s a significant truth. Taking time out to have a video conference call with her or allotting a specific time of the day for chatting with her is always appreciated. It doesn’t have to be three or five hours of video conferencing or chatting. It could just be an hour every day or even 30mins.

The important thing here is for you to show that you’re making an effort to reach out to her. This tells her that she’s important enough for you to spend your gold (meaning time) on.

2. You’re suddenly thinking of her.

There’s no sweeter gesture than to let someone know that you suddenly thought of them. This may sound sappy or mushy to you but Asian girls really appreciate it. You can blame it all on Asian romantic comedy films. In Asia, “rom-coms” are coated with a whole lot of sugar, cuteness and winsomeness so don’t be afraid to be mushy and sappy because Asian girls, as mentioned earlier, savor every bit of it.

Examples of “I’m thinking of you” gestures:
  • Send her a simple message at an unexpected time. So let’s say you always send her messages when you’re at home (on the weekend). For a change, tell her that you’re in your office now and you’re busy but you stopped for a minute and thought of her. You can rephrase this, of course, to make it sound more romantic.
  • Send her a picture of something that made you think of her. It could be the sunset you have in your side of the world. It could be an adorable stuffed animal that you saw in the department store. It could be anything sweet! You get the idea.
  • Send voice messages to her inbox, if possible. It’ll be a pleasant surprise for her to hear your voice saying: “I’m thinking of you right now. I can’t wait to see you and chat with you soon.”

3. Make an effort to know the real her.

Remember when we said that the small things counted? Well here’s a chance for you to really prove that you paid attention to the small things: make an effort to know the real her. Found out if she likes yogurt or not, know what the color of her eyes are, memorize the names of her six uncles and etc. The more details you know about her the better.

What other gestures can you do?

There are a whole lot of other things that you can do to make the Asian woman of your dreams feel special. Start with these three simple things and she’ll surely fall head over heels for you in no time. Check back again for more AsianDating tips.