3 First date Ideas for your Korean Girlfriend

You’re finally flying east to meet your Korean girlfriend. You’ve been planning this out for quite a bit and would like to make a lasting impression that would hopefully evolve into something more serious, or better yet, getting that ring on her finger. Here are a few first date ideas you might want to try for that momentous first date.

First things first. Before you fly out, try to surprise her by having matching outfits custom made for you and her. Couple stuff, (shirts, rings, bags, jackets, etc.) are very hot in Korea. Couples like showing off their “couple-ness” to the world. Have a shirt or jacket printed with your pet names with matching designs made and you are sure to give her a wonderful surprise.

1. Themed Coffee Shops

Coffee is quite popular, no matter where in the world you go. Korea is no exception. Probably the amazing coffee aroma just seems to never go out of style. And in Korea, you can find themed coffee shops that would up the ante even more. This will not only show that you have done your research and homework on the Korean dating culture, it gives you plus points for cuteness. Some themes are cat cafes, puppy cafes, cartoon themes cafes and even board games. Depends on what your Korean girlfriend likes, there is probably a café that will match her taste.

2. Towers and Lovelocks

Similar to the bridges of Seine, and some other places in Europe, lovelocks are a thing in Korean dating culture. Though here, they prefer to climb to the top floor of the highest tower where they profess their undying love for each other in the form of locks etched with their initials. It is believed that whilst the lock remains, the love professed by the lovers whose initials are etched will remain strong and unbreakable. You will then throw the key away to ensure that the lock remains. In Seoul, this would be the N Seoul Tower or the Namsan Tower. And, as an added bonus, there is a teddy bear museum you can visit either on the way to the top or going down. By the way, the key for your love lock? Keep it for now, and tell your lady love that you will be throwing it away on your next destination.

3. Water, works.

There are two bodies of water around Seoul where you can continue with your date. The first would be Han River. This is the best choice if you and your lovely girlfriend are up for a meal. There are a lot of restaurants along this river. Not only that, there are also parks and cafés and a lot of other establishments you can enjoy. If it’s the latter part of the evening though, the Cheonggyecheon stream is the place to go. This is a large stream in the heart of Seoul where you can take a leisurely walk with your date just before wrapping the evening up. And remember that key from earlier? You can choose to throw it away on either body of water, just to add a little bit of nostalgia to the gesture.