Does your girl want you to be more romantic? Look for these signs.

This Will Tell You If She Wants You To Be More Romantic

Relationships move – and so they should. They change as time goes by and they become deeper, more meaningful and more substantial, leaving some of the earlier characteristics they used to have behind. Unfortunately, sometimes romance is one of these things, and your girl may feel she needs you to be more romantic.

Read Her Signs That She Wants You To Be More Romantic

Oftentimes, women may feel awkward telling you what’s on their mind, preferring instead to show you what they want through their behavior. If you’re not sure how to read the signs that she needs more romance out of your relationship, we’re here to help.

Sign #1 She mentions the romantic gestures her friends’ men make. Are you tired of hearing how Jake keeps whisking Mary off on romantic holidays, or how Sarah’s boyfriend learned how to dance the tango just for her? Maybe your lady is not just casually mentioning these things to you, it could be that she’s dropping ‘hints’ that you need to follow these guys’ example.

Sign #2 She changes the subject when you talk about work. If she hastens to steer the conversation away from more mundane subjects and into more abstract ones, she is clearly trying to show you that she’s tired of this type of interaction.

Sign #3 She drags out foreplay when you’re intimate with each other. If she seems more into cuddling and kissing than sex these days, it could be that she needs you to pay closer attention to her need for romance. This is especially the case if you started out your relationship enjoying a lot of foreplay and have been limiting the time you spend on it progressively.

Sign #4 She buys herself flowers. When did you last buy her a beautiful bouquet, really? If it’s been months (please, don’t let it be years), she may be subtly asking that you start doing it again. Most guys think flowers are overpriced and a waste of money, but don’t you think she’s worth it? It doesn’t have to be a special day, like an anniversary or birthday, just surprise her with a bunch of her favorite tulips today.

Sign #5 She’s more emotional than before. Has she been crying more easily watching romantic films? Do her eyes well up when she hears random songs on the radio lately? It could be that her feeling your relationship is not romantic enough is causing her hurt and disappointment.

If you have noticed one or more of the signs mentioned above, it is time for you to realize that your relationship may not need you to make more money or buy more things, but rather for you to be more romantic and show your love through sweet acts of romance.