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If You See These Signs, It Means She’s Falling Out Of Love

How would you know if your partner is falling out of love with you? It’s a tough one to answer. Most of the time, we can’t really tell, or we don’t notice because we’re busy or not paying attention. It’s not like we have the ability to read our partner’s minds, but there are signs that we need to watch out for.

Red Flags That Tell You She’s Falling Out Of Love

We need to accept that things do change when we have spent years together, but if the changes are putting your relationship at risk, it might be time to do something about it. Here’s how you tell if she’s falling out of love with you:

1. Being Distant

When your partner seems distant, she could be going through tough times at work or she may be dealing with familial issues. It’s normal for her to spend time alone, but if she has seemed withdrawn for a long time, she doesn’t talk to you anymore, and she prefers her time alone all the time, she may be building a wall between the two of you.

2. No More “Us” Time

Let’s say that you got time off from work. You propose dates, a mini-vacation or a road trip to somewhere new. Definitely, in your mind, your partner’s going to be excited especially if you haven’t spent a lot of “us” time lately. If she doesn’t seem like she is, and would prefer staying in the house, you need to look at this situation as a red flag. Yes, she might be tired or she might be busy with something for work, but it’s impossible for her to not get excited about the idea of spending quality time together.

3. The Lack Of Physical Intimacy

The last red flag that you need to keep your eye on is how often you are intimate. Again, it’s natural to not spend as much time in the bedroom as before, but if she’s avoiding physical intimacy and small gestures that are loving or playful, it is a different story.

What you need to do when you spot all these three signs is to ask your partner where they are. Not physically, of course but, mentally and emotionally. From your talk, you need to figure out how to make things better to keep your relationship going. For more posts about dating and relationships, read more of our posts on our blog.