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Signs That Your Date Is Not The Marrying Type

Most of you reading this now might want to get married in the near future. But, however attractive this life option may be, not all of us want to be married. Not all of us are the marrying type. This brings us to dating. It’s important to be on the same page with the person you’re interested in. So, how do we identify if our date is the marrying type or not apart from looking at their dating profile online?

Is He Or She The Marrying Type?

In case you were wondering, asking is ok. It’s the easiest way to know. But, if you ask too early, it may result in an awkward situation. What you can do instead is observe the following signs:

1. It’s always about him or her.

You’re never part of the picture. Everything has to be about your date, and your date only. This is a sign of selfishness and attention seeking. By extension, this person is not emotionally or mentally ready to give others any effort or attention.

2. Your date is only invested in passion.

Investing in passion is not something that’s negative. However, if this is all that your date is focused on, you’ll have a problem in the near future. Our lives are not always exciting. Marriage isn’t always exciting. Passion will eventually fly out of the window. You don’t want a partner who runs for the hills at the first sign of boredom and dullness.

3. Your date is not the marrying type if he has no limits.

Has your date ever said that he couldn’t say no to his or her friends? Consider this a red flag. Those who have no limits or those who have not set a limit for themselves can’t possibly be ready for marriage. When you’ve already tied the knot, there need to be some boundaries because it’s not just your life anymore. If your date is having trouble with limits, you need to think if marriage is the next step for you.

As we mentioned, you and your date need to be on the same page. You, both, have to want to same things in life so that your relationship can progress. If you found that your date isn’t the marrying type, after all, you have no choice but to move forward. For more tips on dating and relationships, check out more posts on our blog.