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Relationship Sacrifices You Should Never Ever Make

When you get into a relationship, there are certain relationship sacrifices that you need to make. Sometimes, you make these sacrifices for the relationship to work or just to make the other person happy.

Unhealthy Relationship Sacrifices We Should Stop Doing

However, there are certain relationship sacrifices that you should never make. If you continue to do unhealthy sacrifices for your partner, you will lose your identity and sense of self-worth. What are these unhealthy relationship sacrifices?

1. Giving Up Personal Goals

We finish our studies and navigate through life with goals in mind. You should never let your dreams remain just dreams because the other person wants you to stop. If there is love, there is also mutual understanding and respect. In any case, you should be able to find support from your partner in achieving your goals.

2. Giving Up Your Independence

Even after you find yourself settling into a relationship, you should still maintain some sort of independence to do the thing that you like. This does not mean neglecting your partner. It simply means balancing your time and attention between everything that you have on your plate.

3. Letting Go Of Friendships

By all means, never give up on your friendships just because of your relationship. You may spend less time with your friends, but it doesn’t mean that you should shun them out of your life. Your buddies are your support system, and you need them in order to foster a loving and healthy relationship with your partner.

4. Dropping Your Interests

You have interests and hobbies even before you got into a relationship. You do not have to give up on them just because you now have a partner. If your interests cost you a lot of money, you may have to tone down in order to spend for more important matters. But, you don’t have to entirely give up on them.

5. Neglecting Your Health

Experts say that happy couples gain some weight after the relationship. This could be true, but remember that you don’t have to adapt your partner’s eating habits if you’re already on the right path health-wise.

As mentioned, there are certain sacrifices that we can make so our relationship survives. However, if these sacrifices need us to give up a part of ourselves, it becomes unhealthy and toxic. For more tips on relationships, read our blog.