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Overcome Dating Shyness With These Four Tips

Let’s admit it, we can’t all be Casanovas or Helens Of Try. Some of us were not born to exude confidence naturally. We go through dating shyness with every person we meet. And, most likely, this is the reason why we are still single despite our numerous attempts.

Dating Shyness Isn’t As Hard To Overcome As You Think

The first problem we have is probably our perception of our shyness. We think of it as a negative trait. On the contrary, some people actually like shyness. they view it as a sign of innocence and sincerity. Despite this, we must still remember to exhibit a certain amount of confidence, especially when meeting people. Here are some tips on how you can overcome dating shyness:

1. Plan for your date to go well.

If you don’t know what to do or if you don’t condition your mind on what should be expected to happen on your date, you are going to be scatter-brained. Planning prepares your mind and allows you to gain a certain level of confidence.

2. Be curious about the other person.

Genuine curiosity cannot be replaced by prepared topics. On item number one, it was mentioned that you have to be prepared, but when it comes to the conversation, it’s best to allow things to flow naturally. Ask questions about the person and be curious about their interest and their personality.

3. Minimize your inner voice.

When you’re on a date, you will most likely hear an inner voice which criticizes every little detail. It would be nice to minimize this voice by being present in the moment. Focus on what’s happening currently rather than overthinking everything.

4. Play a role.

This simple technique may be able to help. Do you know how Superman becomes so confident after he wears his super suit? Well, this might be the key for you to gain a bit of confidence. Play a role in your head. Imagine that you are a successful banker or a world-renowned supermodel.

Overcoming your dating shyness is going to take some time. Of course, you have to slowly step out of your shell or comfort zone which won’t be easy. However, the more of these exercises and mental preparations you do, the closer you will get to having great dates. Do share this post if you found it helpful. For more tips on how to improve your dating game, check out other posts on our blog.