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Their Nymph Costumes Will Leave You Speechless

Halloween is just around the corner. A few more days and it’s going to be that time of the year where we go out trick or treating, or attend costume parties. What do you think will you be going as? Well, it looks like these Asian Date ladies have made up their minds. They’re already wearing their nymph costumes for Halloween.

Are They Real Fairies Or Wearing Nymph Costumes?

As mentioned, the ladies are all dresses up in gowns and dresses that can make you mistake them for forest nymphs. Be careful not to stare at the photos for a long time because nymphs are known to beguile men who wonder off the marked path:


Cuilan 30 - Asian Date Lady

Cuilan is a smart girl who knows how to run a business. To her, running a business is tiring but she enjoys it nonetheless. She wants to meet someone who can understand the different passions she has – business being one of them. In return, she promises to devote herself to her man in any way possible.


Yibing 22 - Asian Date Lady

Yibing is uncomplicated. She admits that she is a simple girl with simple desires. Before this year ends, she would like to meet someone who is sensitive, kind and wants the simple things in life, like she does.


Linjing 30 - Asian Date Lady

Linjing likes to be the villain. That’s why she likes dark costumes like what she’s wearing on the photo. She’s not bad literally, she says, but she does love her independence and free spirit. Dating-wise, she would like to meet a man who can handle all of her.


Danyu 25 - Asian Date Lady

Danyu looks like a flower nymph. What’s interesting is that some of her friends call her flower. It’s kind of her nickname. To her, the biggest mistake in life would be to hesitate accepting or welcoming something good that has come in one’s life. That’s why she says that if she finds a good man through online dating, she is grabbing the chance and not letting him go.


Yu 20 - Asian Date Lady

Last, but certainly not the least, on the list is Yu. She may look like the girl next door or the nymph next door, but she’s actually very confident. She tells us that most men are put off by that, but she doesn’t mind. Do you think that you can handle her confidence and passion?

Here’s an idea, maybe you can be a magician or a wizard this Halloween so it goes with the nymphs costumes the ladies have on. Remember that you can visit the ladies’ profile by clicking on their names. For more lists, click here, and for more blog posts, you can check them out here.